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Wedding Clip Art

Online Wedding clip art for free!

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Fotor's clip art covers a wide range of memorable moments in life, including categories for graduation, loved ones, weddings, family, travel, and the holidays!
1. Open Fotor online photo editor
2. Choose "Clip Art" and select one of the eight themes
3. Click to overlay the selected clip art onto your photo
4. Under "Options" you can rotate your clip art and make adjustments to the opacity or size
5. Choose "Copy," "Merge" and "Camouflage" to make other adjustments
6. Click on the added clip art to rotate, zoom in, zoom out or delete it
7. Save your photo

Wedding Clip Art

  • Mr. Mrs. Sign
  • Hearts Rings
  • Ring Bearer’s Pillow
  • Silhouette of Woman in Beautiful Dress
  • Groom Suits
  • Pink Ribbon Bow Decorated with Hearts
  • Green Striped Bow
  • Pink Balloon
  • Heart Balloon
  • Pink Gift Box with Pink Ribbon
  • Rose Quartz Earring
  • Pearl Pendant
  • Diamond Three Stone Pendant
  • Golden Heart shaped Necklace
  • Sweetheart Jewelry
  • Big Heart Necklace
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Diamonds In Heart Shape
  • Orange Pearl Shell Bow
  • Yellow Bow
  • Gaudy Gold Gift Bow
  • Yellow Ribbon Bow
  • Beautiful Pink Bow
  • Pink and White Stripe Ribbon Bow
  • Pink Bow
  • Pink and Purple Bow
  • Bow with Green and Yellow Stripes
  • Colorful Ribbon Bow
  • Intricate Pink Stripe Ribbon Bow
  • Pink Thin Ribbon Gift Bow
  • Yellow Gift Bow
  • Green and Purple Dotted Gift Bow
  • Orange Ribbon Bow
  • Blue Polka Dot Gift Bow
  • Red Ornamental Bow
  • Colorful Bouquet
  • Colorful Rose with Ribbon
  • Colorful Bouquet
  • Wedding Bouquet
  • Colorful Bouquet of Fresh Tulips
  • Pink Tulips Bouquet
  • Hand Drawn Rose Flower
  • Bouquet of Fresh pink Flowers
  • Beautiful Bouquet from Flowers
  • Flowers with Ribbon
  • Black Diamond Ring
  • Gold Ring with Diamonds
  • Platinum Ring with Diamonds
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