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Background Removal with Image Background Remover

With Fotor’s AI-powered photo background remover, removing photo background online has never been easier. Upload your PNG or JPG image, and Fotor will use automatic background removal mode to detect the image subject and remove image background for you.

Fotor AI background remover
Remove background with high quality

Remove Bg with Superb Precision

Remove image backgrounds online containing hair or animal fur used to be extremely difficult. Fotor’s background eraser online can precisely extract subjects from complex images, erase background and create a beautiful, smooth edge. Try our background removal tool now.

Fine-Tune Cutouts with Online Background Remover

To enhance precision, even more. You can use our smart Retain/Erase tool to fine-tune the cutout background manually. Drag and drop image, simply highlight the elements you want to keep or remove and watch our background eraser work its magic on them for you. Get your desired result every time when making images transparent!

Fine-tune cutouts with manual options available
Easily remove and change photo backgrounds with Fotor background remover

Change Photo Backgrounds with 1 Click

Don't like the background image? Try Fotor's background changer to create transparent image background in seconds. You can then add a new background, a landscape photo or any other image that suits your needs. You can also blur photo background to make the subject stand out more. Unleash your creativity- the possibilities are endless.

Add Shadow Effect to Picture

Add a whole new dimension to your photos with the drop shadow effect. You can flexibly adjust the distance, blur, opacity and the direction of the shadow to make your photos look more natural and authentic. A great feature you can use on product photographs!

Add shadow to image
Fotor background remover app

Get Background Remover App

Fotor brings PC-level background removal capabilities to your mobile. Install the Fotor remove from photo app for your iOS or Android device for free to remove background and make images transparent anytime and anywhere. You’ll be amazed at how effortless it is to use- see the magic for yourself!

Get a Transparent Background for Any Image

No matter whether you’re removing backgrounds from portraits or group photos, Fotor’s bg remover has got it covered. Plus, you’ll find a variety of built-in background options to choose from, so you can quickly turn your photos into profile pictures for social media, resume, etc.

Remove image background online in an instant with Fotor bg remover
Remove image background online in an instant with Fotor bg remover
Remove image background online in an instant with Fotor bg remover
Photo background removal for Ecommerce
Remove background from logo
Remove background from signature and text
Remove background from animal photos
Remove background from car photos

How to Remove the Background of a Picture?

Upload an image to remove background

Step 1. Upload image

Simply upload or drag and drop the image you want to edit to Fotor’s background remover.

Instantly remove image background with Fotor background remover

Step 2. Remove Background

Fotor’s artificial intelligence removal tool will automatically remove BG and generate a flawless cutout with transparent background within seconds.

Change or add new background to a photo

Step 3. Customize

You can change the photo background to anything you want. Add colors, patterns and textures of your choice, or use a picture as new background.

Download transparent image in PNG image format

Step 4. Download

Finally, download your image in high resolution with a transparent PNG background.

Remove Background Online FAQs

How to make image background transparent?

Making image background transparent couldn’t be easier with Fotor’s background removal tool. Simply upload your image and Fotor will do all the work for you- it is automatic and hassle-free! Just remember that when saving your image, be sure to export it in PNG format, so that your image will keep a transparent background.

How to change the background of a picture?

Want to change the background of your picture into a solid color or a landscape photo? Fotor’s background remover can help you do it effortlessly. It utilizes AI technology that will analyze the picture and erase the original picture background automatically. Then you can easily change background color of your picture or add an image as the new background.

How to remove white background from image?

Looking for a quick way to remove white background from photo? Fotor's background remover is just what you need. Simply upload an image with unwanted white background online and click on the "Background Remover" button- Fotor will automatically delete it for you. You can then download your image in PNG format with transparent background for use in any situation!

Online Photo Background Remover

When it comes to removing backgrounds from your images, Fotor is undoubtedly the right background removal tool for you. Removing image backgrounds has never been easier or quicker. Experience the power of Fotor’s background remover now!