Remove Background for Individuals

Fotor's image background remover for individuals helps you easily remove background from your photos online, and make your profile pics stand out with new backgrounds.

Remove background from a woman portrait
Remove background from a woman portrait and add a new background

Auto Photo Background Remover

Gone are the days of manually removing backgrounds. With Fotor's automatic background remover based on AI technology, you can quickly remove the backgrounds from your photos, saving a ton of time and work. You can also replace your photo backgrounds with anything - solid colors, textured backgrounds, or even your own images. The whole process is so easy that even a novice can get amazing photos in seconds!

Remove Background Now
Change photo background to white without losing quality

High-Quality Cutout

Use Fotor's background eraser for individuals to remove backgrounds of any photo in seconds without compromising image quality and detail. Even removing backgrounds around hairs and animal fur is a piece of cake for Fotor. Fotor supports you to create and download images with transparent backgrounds in HD file formats to meet your printing needs.

Remove Background Now
Remove and change background for a profile picture

Add New Backgrounds for Your Profile Pics

Fotor's background eraser not only helps you erase image backgrounds but also provides hundreds of backgrounds for you to choose from, giving your profile pictures a fresh appearance. You can easily add backgrounds of solid colors, gradients, patterns, textures, etc. to your photos, moreover, it is possible to generate your own background with our AI background generator. Create a stunning profile photo with a new background now, and make your homepage and channel stand out!

Remove Background Now
Change photo background for an ID card

Remove Image Background for ID Cards

With our image bg remover, you can easily convert a normal photo to an ID photo online. Fotor can automatically recognize the portrait and cut out the background in seconds. Change the background color and adjust the photo size to make ID cards and passport photos in a few clicks.

Remove Background Now
Create a design with styles of backgrounds

Unleash Your Creativity to Create Something Cool

Photos with transparent backgrounds allow you to place subjects into any design and target easily. Use Fotor's background remover to create a unique pfp background or Instagram post background to get more likes.

But don't stop there, keep going by using your imagination! Combine our bg remover with other tools to create sophisticated designs and professional visuals: personal business cards, birthday cards, YouTube covers, posters, etc. Unlock more ideas now!

Remove Background Now
Remove image background with Fotors background remover

How to Remove Background from Picture?

  • Click the button "Remove Background Now" to get started, and upload your photo.
  • Click the "Background Remover" tool in "Adjust" on the left toolbox. And choose "Common Cutout" or "Portrait Cutout" as needed. Fotor's bg remover will remove the image background automatically.
  • There are various preset backgrounds for you to choose from, and you can also upload your own image as a background.
  • When you finish, click the "Download" button to save your photo.
Remove Background Now


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