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Have you ever had a hard time finding an appropriate profile picture for your social media, resume/CV or email signature?

No more! With Fotor’s pfp maker, you can turn your photo into a pro-looking profile picture in an instant.

Upload any image you would like to try it out!

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Remove background from image online

Automatically Remove Backgrounds of Your Pictures

Gone are the days of removing backgrounds by hand. Now you can do it in seconds with Fotor’s AI background removal tool! All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself and our tool will automatically extract your headshot and generate a transparent PNG with clean edges for you. The whole process is 100% automatic - saving tons of time and effort.

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Change image backgrounds online

Replace and Change Photo Backgrounds with One Click

The background is what sets the mood for your photo, so it's important to make sure this part of editing doesn't go overlooked! Fotor’s pfp creator offers a library of pre-set backgrounds in various colors and patterns. You can add whichever you want to create the perfect look. Go on over to Fotor and play around with it!

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Make circular or square profile pictures

Generate Your Profile Picture in Any Size You Want

You’ve got the perfect background with the perfect subject. Now, It's time to work on your profile picture size now! With Fotor, you can easily create profile pictures for different sizes. Whether you want to make a circle profile picture or a rectangle profile picture, we’ve got you covered. Effortlessly make YouTube profile pictures, Instagram profile pictures, Twitch profile pictures, and other types of profiles with ease.

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Retouching pictures easily

Retouch Your Profile Pictures Like a Pro

It's never been easier to retouch your photos. Fotor has a comprehensive toolkit for portrait retouching that can help bring out the best in your portraits. With just a few clicks, you can smooth skin, erase blemishes and wrinkles, whiten teeth, and even apply digital makeup. No special technical skills needed- it's that easy!

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Aesthetic profile pictures by Fotor

Create Your Own Aesthetic Profile Pictures

If you want to go a bit artistic or abstract with your profile photo, you can do that as well! Fotor’s pfp maker is chock full of stickers, custom borders, and photo frames to make your image stand out. You can even apply a wide variety of photo filters. You’ll be surprised and inspired by all the customization options. Take some time and check out everything Fotor has for you!

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Fotor photo editor interface

How to Make a Profile Picture?

  • Making your own pfp is super fast and easy with Fotor. To start, click “Edit a photo” on the homepage.
  • Then drag or upload an image of yourself, and click “Background Remover” to instantly remove the background of your photo.
  • Then you can customize it by adding new backgrounds, photo frames, text and stickers as you desired. You can also use the built-in portrait retouching tools to give your headshot a makeover.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the final look, click “Download” to save your profile picture in high-resolution JPG, PNG or PDF format, or share it directly on social media with your friends.
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Making Your Own Profile Pictures Couldn’t Be Easier With Fotor’s PFP Maker

Make a Profile Picture Now

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Fotor is easy and very user friendly online personalized design creating/editing platform with enough resources.



I use fotor to make SNS image posts and it is 120% helpful. It's perfect, I like everything.

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Freelancer is always my go-to software for designing, editing, and collage needs! The templates are all catered to the type of design you are trying to create and the inspiration is endless. It is also incredibly user-friendly!

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