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Create impressive PFP pictures with the AI profile picture generator from Fotor. Upload your images, and you can add extra personal touch to your profile pictures easily. Easy to create amazing profile images for social media, gaming channel, and business uses.

Three AI generated profile pictures from Fotor online AI profile picture generator
Generate three profile pictures from images with fotor ai profile picture generator

Free AI Profile Picture Generator from Images

Fotor allows you to make your own pfp with the help of its advanced artificial intelligence. All you need is to upload your own images to our AI image-to-image tool, and you can get pretty profile pictures generated by AI in seconds. With our PFP creator, you can make your profile pic stand out from the rest easily! Click the button to make a PFP in no time!

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Change profile picture backgrounds automatically using Fotor's PFP creator

Easy-to-Use Profile Picture Maker

Still, you can get the amazing profile picture from your own portraits in our pfp maker. There are lots of profile pic templates, so choose one and upload images or generated one in our AI portrait generator. Wait our inbuilt background remover to make a transparent profile shot and apply it to the pfp pic template. And you can customize your profile pictures with the design materials we offer for free. The whole process to make a professional profile pic takes a few seconds. Give it a try!

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Generate a female profile picture and use it as the avatar of the social media platforms

AI Profile Picture Creator for Social Media Platforms

You can make your social media headshot impressive with our AI PFP generator. Here with Fotor, your can transform your portrait into cute PFP or cool PFP that attract more views and likes. Fotor’s AI profile picture creator allows you to make your own profile picture as your recognizable and unique identity for all your social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

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An AI generated male headshot for Linkedin profile from Fotor AI headshot generator

AI LinkedIn Profile Picture Maker

To promote your business, you should have a professional profile picture to leave ever-lasting first impression on the viewers. Luckily, you have our AI headshot generator to help you create a profile avatar for business use. You can use our profile pic maker to create your own profile shot for LinkedIn. Now stand out with AI generated LinkedIn profile pictures in no time!

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Generate a gaming profile picture and use as the Twitch avatar

AI Profile Pic Maker for Gaming Channels

If you are looking for a gamer profile picture maker online, then you’ve come to the right place. Fotor’s AI profile picture generator can be used to make pfp images for your gaming channels. You can generate cool pfp pics for Twitch, Fortnite, or Discord profile pictures in a few minutes with AI even if you are not the profile picture designer. Click the button to create pfp photography for your streaming channels now.

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Why Use Our AI Profile Picture Generator?

Instantly Create Nice PFPs with AI

Supported by advanced artificial intelligence, you can make your own profile pics instantly, which saves more time compared to other profile picture maker online. Normally, it takes less than five seconds to make a profile picture in our pfp creator.

More Likes and Views with Pretty Profile Pictures

Our AI profile picture generator allows you to create new profile picture with various styles like anime pfp and cartoon pfp easily. With these aesthetic pfp pics, you can easily stand out from the rest and get more views and likes.

Custom PFP Maker Online

We offer you a shortcut to the pfp editor in our AI profile picture generator. You can resize the profile picture according to the platform requirements. All the basic profile picture sizes are offered in our profile picture editor!

Generate a male profile picture in fotor online AI Profile Picture Generator

How to Generate PFP Pics?

  • Click the “Generate PFP Pics with AI” button to get started.
  • Enter the text of the profile picture pic you want in the text bubble.
  • You can adjust the number and style of the AI-generated profile pictures on the right menu bar.
  • Click “Generate” once you have finished your descriptions for the profile picture photo as detailed as possible to get the best output.
  • Click the download button to save your own png pfp photos.
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