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With just a few simple clicks, you can easily make a stunning YouTube profile picture with Fotor’s YouTube PFP maker!

Upload your own photo or choose from various customizable YouTube profile picture templates! Try it out now.

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Change portrait background easily with Fotor

Instantly Turn Your Photos into Professional YouTube Profile Pictures

With Fotor's PFP maker, you can make cool profile pictures out of your selfies in seconds! Simply upload your photo and our AI background remover will automatically remove the photo background for you. This way, you can change background to any color or even set another picture as your new background. After that, crop your picture into a circle to create the perfect pfp for YouTube!

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Portrait retouching toolset by Fotor

Polish Up Your Photos Easily and Quickly

Bring out the best in your photos with our handy touch-up tools. With just a few simple clicks, you can smooth skin, fix blemishes, whiten teeth, and even apply digital makeup. You can also adjust the lighting and apply various photo filters and effects. With our YouTube profile picture maker, you can easily give your photo the glamour it deserves.

Make a YouTube Profile Picture Now
Various design assets spice up You Tube PF Ps on Fotor

Spice Up Your YouTube Profile Picture with a Massive Library of Design Assets

With a built-in library of design assets, you can easily customize your YouTube profile picture to make it unique and truly represent you. Add photo borders, experiment with different fonts and colors, and a whole lot more. With so many options at your fingertips, you’re bound to find something that suits your style. Unleash your creativity and take your profile picture to a new level.

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Tons of YouTube Profile Picture Templates to Customize on the Fly

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A library of editable You Tube profile picture templates by Fotor
Aesthetic You Tube profile pictures by Fotor

Aesthetic YouTube Profile Pictures

Your YouTube profile picture helps you establish your channel's identity. Be sure to use a profile picture that aligns with your channel’s topic. Looking to give your YouTube channel a visually appealing look? Our aesthetic YouTube profile picture templates are perfect for this. They’re super easy to customize and sized appropriately. Great for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle YouTube channels.

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Gaming You Tube profile pictures by Fotor

Gaming YouTube Profile Pictures

Get your gaming YouTube channel an edge with a cool profile picture. Use bright and eye catching neon icons as well as other unique design elements on Fotor to give your YouTube profile picture an irresistible vibe. Add some personal touches to your YouTube channel and showcase your creativity!

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Fotor helps you make stunning You Tube visuals easily

More than Just Making YouTube Profile Pictures

Fotor also generates a host of YouTube design assets, from YouTube channel art to thumbnails, end screens, and more. Choose from customizable templates or design your asset from scratch with an intuitive drag and drop interface. You just can’t fall short in any aspect of your YouTube profile with Fotor.

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How to Make a YouTube Profile Picture?

  • To make a profile picture for YouTube, click the button "Make a YouTube Profile Picture Now".
  • Find the "Templates" > "Profile Pics" at the left tool menu, and scroll down and check for suitable templates from our massive library. Then, select the best-matching template, and upload your photo. Fotor will apply your photo to the template in seconds.
  • Explore our massive library of design assets, add text, change color, and insert or remove backgrounds and other design elements.
  • Export your stunning design in high-quality files format and upload to your YouTube channel.
Make a YouTube Profile Picture Now

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