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Make complex visual creation simple with our AI image generator, and convert your words into incredible images and art at your fingertips in seconds.

Fotor AI Image Generator from Text Introduction

Dream it, and visualize it with Fotor AI image generator from text to get inspiration. Create images for products, characters, and portraits, easy to turn any idea into art at your fingertips even if it doesn't exist yet.

Enter text prompts like " a garfield princess", and transform your creative ideas into stunning images in seconds. With the power of our AI photo generator app, the possibilities for limitless creativity are endless!

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text a garfield prince to generate AI image in Fotor AI photo generator
Choose different style to generate portrait image with Fotor ai photo editor

Text to Image with Various Image Styles to Choose

Type text prompt and choose different styles to test different creations and catch the best one. Fotor-free AI image generator offers concept art, realistic, cartoon, sketch, oil painting, digital art, 3D, and more image styles for your creation.

Simply enter your text prompts in Fotor‘s AI photo generator, choose one style and aspect ratio to match your ideas, ask AI to draw, and turn your imagination into one-of-a-kind AI-generated images including AI paintings, AI drawings, illustrations even NFT artworks. You can download it directly, or edit it for better graphics.

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Explore Fotor AI Photo Generator from Image

No idea about your image? Image-to-image is also available on Fotor magic AI picture generator. Generate Upload one existing image to transform stunning AI-generated images.

Generate amazing car designs from your colored pencil picture, or generate your own professional headshots, or cartoon avatars from your selfies. Just upload your image, choose the style, click the generate, and get perfect images in seconds. Free credits are waiting for you.

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AI generate headshot from image in Fotor AI picture generator

Transform Yourself with Fotor AI Headshot Generator

Professional Headshots
Long haired female white collar business avatar
Formal female white collar business avatar
Business avatar of female white collar worker with long flowing hair
Male business avatar wearing shirt and no tie
Male business avatar generated by Fotor AI headshot generator
Male business avatar short hair wearing tie
AI generate different characters in Fotor text to image AI

Making AI Image is Easy and Safe

In order to ensure our community creates beautiful images easily and safely, we tested out different models and trained so many images to build the best AI image generator. Now, you are easy to generate images, including cartoons, anime characters, mockups, product designs, and backgrounds precisely from text descriptions in seconds.

Our free AI art generator will make any creativity come true. We also tested a large of images of input prompts and set some rules to avoid unsafe situations happening. If you still get some unsafe content, just report it to our customer service.

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Enhance Your AI Images

Except for the image style and ratio custom, there are many photo editing options for you. After your image generation, you can edit them directly in Fotor's free photo editor. AI upscales your image, remixes the photo with fun photo effects, remove unwanted objects and replace them with text prompts to generate what you want, and adds some captions or graphics from our library on AI-generated images for better storytelling.

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Enhance ai generated image with replace the sky in Fotor
Turn a same text prompts a bottle of rose scented perfume into different images in Fotor ai photo generator

Use AI-Generated Images on Graphics

After images generation, you can add them to the poster for customization. Fotor is an all-in-one image creation platform, offering all kinds of graphic design tools and templates. Speed up your workflow in brand material making. AI will not replace humans but improve the workflow.

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AI Picture Generator for All Occasions

01 content creators

For content creators

Generate eye-catching photos from the text in your fingers, and create content faster.

02 For entrepreneurs

For business

Text to image, transform your ideas into real product design and save much time and money in branding promotion.

03 For buddding artists

For artists

Easy to get much inspiration and speed up your artwork creation process.

How to Make AI-Generated Images

Type your text prompts of the image you want in our AI photo generator box directly.
Choose the aspect ratio, choose one of image style such as 3D, oil painting and cartoon, and choose image number you want. Then, click "Generate" to create AI photos.
Or you can upload your prefer image to generate similiar image in Fotor AI image generator.
Customizing AI images, you can click the button "Edit" to add some text, filter, and other stickers from our Fotor photo editor to enhance your image.
Download AI pictures and share your prefect AI-generated photos directly. Or use them on Fotor's graphic design projects, such as poster, flyer, presentation, and more.

Your Questions, We Answered

Text-to-Image: Free AI Image Generator

Capture your thoughts and bring your ideas to life with Fotor's AI picture generator from text! Simply input your image keywords in the box or choose from our default text prompts to enrich your image description and get the perfect result. With Fotor's AI photo generator app, creating artistic works is easier than ever before.

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Fotor can create art in different styles such as 3D, realistic, oil painting, cartoon, illustration, photography, and more.

Paul Roetzer

Paul Roetzer

CEO of PR 20/20

The best part is that it has also launched an image-to-image AI photo generator. Apart from that, you can define your style including Photography, Conceptual art, Anime, Cartoon, Oil painting and more.

Arjun Sha

Arjun Sha


With its use of machine learning, it provides an efficient and effective way to enhance photos. The AI art generator tool has made photo editing easier and more convenient.



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