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Make a pattern online using our free AI pattern generator.

Create unique, seamless, repeatable SVG patterns, and elevate your branding, website backgrounds, custom textiles, packaging design, and more.

AI generated texture pattern images
Generate a pattern from text with Fotors AI pattern generator

Generate Seamless Patterns from Text

Creating patterns online has never been easier! To generate your own vector seamless patterns, simply type a detailed description of the pattern you want in the AI pattern creator, select a style, and within seconds, you can get a stunning pattern. Use AI-generated graphic designs to apply to any scenario - logos, website backgrounds, product packaging, etc. This will not only help you save a lot of time and avoid repetitive work but also make your business stand out. Fotor brings your vision to life!

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Create patterns in different styles with Fotors pattern generator

Create Vector Patterns in Various Styles

With our pattern generator, generating artistic vector patterns is a breeze thanks to its myriad customization options. You have complete control over the AI settings, including style, size, composition, shadows, highlights, and other details, allowing you to achieve the desired effect with ease. Furthermore, Fotor's AI-supported photo editor allows you to fine-tune and enhance the output of your AI-generated patterns even further. Try it out now!

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Applying an AI generated red vector seamless pattern to a business card

Generate Random Patterns for Branding

Using our online pattern maker to create aesthetic random patterns is an effective branding strategy. By generating seamless patterns that align with your brand's image, you can get an eye-catching visual identity and enhance brand recognition.

With the random pattern generator, you can easily customize your patterns by adjusting the style, size, composition, and other details. The possibilities are endless, from incorporating the patterns into your website design to using them on product packaging, promotional materials, and more. Try it out and take your brand to the next level!

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Generate a water wave pattern from text with Fotors AI pattern maker

How to Generate Patterns?

  • You can easily make a pattern online with our random pattern generator. Firstly, click the button "Generate Patterns Now" to get started.
  • Type the description of your desired patterns as detailed as possible in the text bubble.
  • Click “Generate” , and adjust the number and style on the right toolbar to perfect your patterns.
  • Then, click the button "Generate" again, wait for seamless pattern generator to output the best pattern designs.
  • Finally, don't forget to click the download button to save your background pattern.
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