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Effortlessly overlay images together with Fotor. Rotate, resize, reposition, and adjust transparency to create perfect image overlays.

Overlay images online in seconds for free with Fotor
Add photo to photo effortlessly using Fotor online image overlay tool

Add Image to Image in Seconds

Our free online image overlay tool makes it super easy to put a picture on a picture. Simply upload the background image and the image you want to overlay. Then use our intuitive, drag-and-drop tool to move, rotate, resize, or flip the images to achieve the perfect look! No need to use complex software like Photoshop to overlay images. Enjoy having everything done right from your web browser. It’s fast and simple to add photo to photo.

Overlay Images Now
Overlay images and adjust transparency to create double exposure effects using Fotor

Adjust Transparency to Superimpose Images with Perfect Blending

Create double exposure effects when putting a photo on top of another photo with Fotor. We empower you to overlay images with precise transparency control. By simply dragging the slider, you can easily adjust the transparency levels of each overlaid image. Experiment with different opacity levels to create a flawless blend. Try Fotor out today to give your photos a dreamy, surreal look.

Overlay Images Now
Put a picture on another picture online seamlessly by removing photo background and adjusting image layer with Fotor

Effortless Image Background Removal and Layer Management

Say goodbye to backgrounds! Using our advanced AI background removal tool, you can instantly remove backgrounds from images with a single click. This allows you to seamlessly overlay one image on another. Moreover, you can adjust and rearrange image layers. Whether you want to put a picture on another picture online or overlap two images, Fotor has got you covered!

Overlay Images Now
Add stickers and text to customize the overlay images using Fotor

Overlay Multiple Images for a Creative Look

Unlock your creative genius when it comes to image overlay. With Fotor, you can layer multiple images and elements together to create a striking composite art. Plus, you’ll have access to a massive library of design assets. Add text, stickers, backgrounds, and clipart to the overlaid images to enhance their appearance and style!

Overlay Images Now
Easily edit your photos using Fotor photo editor

Take Your Overlaid Images to the Next Level

Fotor is a versatile free online photo editor that comes with a variety of powerful tools. It helps you edit your images like a pro and turn them from average to fantastic. From overlaying images and applying photo effects to improving photo quality and retouching portraits, Fotor has them all. Sign up for Fotor now and get access to all these amazing features and tools for free.

Overlay Images Now

Add Photo to Photo: Explore Endless Possibilities

Photo EditingCollage CreationSocial Media
Add people to photo using Fotor image overlay tool

Add Someone to a Photo

Have a cherished group photo missing a friend or family member? Use our image overlay tool to add them to the photo to complete the memory and make it whole

Add photo to photo to create a photo collage

Create Visual Storytelling Collages

Create a photo collage to share your stories. Superimpose photos, text, clipart, and other design elements to craft storytelling collages. Easily preserve and share memories from important events like weddings, birthdays, vacations, holidays, and more.

Add text overlay to photos to create stunning social media images

Add Text Overlays to Enhance Social Media Images

Want to make your social media images stand out and grab attention? A simple way to do this is to add text overlay to images. Choose fonts and colors that align with your image overlays. Combine visuals and text effectively to create compelling social media posts!

How to Put a Picture on Another Picture Online?

  • You can easily add a photo to another photo online using Fotor. First, click "Overlay Images Now" and upload the background picture.
  • Then click on the “Add image” button to upload another picture to add or layer it on top of the background picture.
  • Drag the overlay image onto the background image and customize it by adjusting its position, size, and rotation. You can also adjust the opacity to make the overlay picture semi-transparent.
  • Apart from that, Fotor offers a lot of editing features- you can add text, stickers, and photo frames, apply photo filters, adjust lighting, exposure, contrast, and a lot more within a few clicks.
  • Once you're done editing, click the “Download” button at the top right of the toolbar to export your overlaid picture in JPG or PNG format for free.
Overlay Images Now

Why Choose Our Image Overlay Tool

Gradient purple clock icon

Effortless Image Overlay

No complex editing software needed. Users of all levels can add image to image online in seconds.

Editing icon

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Drag and drop to adjust the position, size, and rotation of your overlaid images with ease.

Transparency adjustment icon

Fine-Tune Transparency

Overlay images with transparent adjustment. Easily blend and combine images to achieve the desired effect.

Photo background removal icon

AI Background Removal

Effortlessly remove image backgrounds to create complex visual compositions.

Image format icon in the gradient color

Multiple File Formats Support

Our image overlay tool works for various image file formats - JPEG, PNG, PDF, WebP, HEIC/HEIF, etc.

High quality icon

High-Quality Output

Download overlay images in high resolution for professional use.

Overlay Image FAQs

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