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Flip images vertically or horizontally online in just one click with Fotor's free image flipper. Rearrange your pictures to create stunning designs with tons of tools and assets.

Try it out to bring a whole new perspective to your photos.

Flip image online instantly with Fotor's free image flipper

How to Flip an Image?

  • Flipping images couldn't be easier with Fotor's free online image flipper. First, click the button "Flip images now", and upload the image you wish to flip.
  • Go to "Adjust" and click the "Rotate & Flip" tool, then you can freely flip the image either vertically or horizontally. Fotor also offers options to mirror, rotate, and edit your image.
  • When you’re happy with the look, download your flipped image in PNG or JPG format or share it online. That's it!
Swap Image Orientation
Horizontally mirror a woman portrait and vertically mirror a cityscape photo

Flip Images Horizontally or Vertically with Ease

Fotor’s image flipper is very easy to use and lets you flip images horizontally or vertically without any effort. Simply upload your image, select the image flip option, and voila! Your image is flipped in a matter of seconds.

Different angles can give a completely different perspective to an image. Use Fotor's image flip tool to experiment with different orientations to find the best angle that brings out the essence of your image. Whether you're looking to flip a photo to fix an incorrect alignment or for a creative project, you'll be covered. Start flipping your images now!

Change Image Direction
Flip and invert a city landscape photo to create a mirror effect using Fotor's image flipper

Create Captivating Mirroring Effects with the Photo Flipper

Transform your ordinary photos into works of art with our online image flipper! By flipping your images, you can create a symmetrical mirroring design that adds balance and depth to your photos.

Fotor enables you to flip vertically to get an upside-down image in seconds to draw in viewers. You can also duplicate and switch landscape and cityscape photos from left to right to direct the viewer’s eyes. Try it out to create reflective mirroring designs today and make them stand out from the rest!

Mirror Images Now
More photo editing features on Fotor- AI photo enhancer, crop, resize and photo filters

Explore More Tools to Personalize Flipped Photos

In addition to flipping images, Fotor does so much more. It comes packed with an entire suite of editing tools for you to play with. You can crop images, resize photos, adjust lighting, contrast, and exposure, enhance image quality, and much more. Take some time and look around the Fotor editor and see what else is there for you.

Additionally, you can rotate the image to adjust the composition for a perfect look. Get creative with Fotor to give your images a new twist and take your photos to the next level.

Invert Image orientation
Change font and add filter to the mirrored woman portrait png

Turn Images over with Tons of Assets

With Fotor’s online image mirror and flipper, you can not only make a fresh perspective shift to pictures but also add more flair to create captivating designs like album covers, flyers, profile pictures, and more.

Use AI tools to transform photos in a few clicks, remove image backgrounds to address your subject, beautify portraits and selfies with ease, and explore rich assets like frames, fonts, elements, and versatile effects now!

Upload an Image
Edit icon with layers in fotor icon editor

Reverse Icons, Stickers, and Shapes in Different Layers

Want to flip elements on different layers? Do more with Fotor image flipper! In addition to reflecting images vertically and horizontally, this all-in-one picture editing platform of Fotor also allows users to add versatile elements and flip layers accordingly.

Effortlessly make icons, stickers, shapes, and more materials upside-down, rearrange them from left to right, rotate any element by degrees, and move different layers forward or backward to your liking with Fotor!

Flip Layers Now

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