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With Fotor's free image flipper, you can turn your pictures upside down and do a flip from left to right instantly.

All it takes is one click. Go now and give it a try!

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Flip images horizontally or vertically

Flip Images Horizontally or Vertically

Fotor’s flip tool is very easy to use, and lets you flip your image in any way you want without any effort. Simply click on the flip tool, and you can quickly give your image a horizontal or vertical flip. Have fun experimenting with different orientations until you get the perfect result you want.

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Rotate photos easily with Fotor

Rotate Images to the Perfect Orientation

Different angles can give a different feeling to images. Sometimes a change in orientation can give your photos a new perspective that you may not have noticed before. Simply upload your photos and select from 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or enter the specific rotation angle for a more precise adjustment. The possibilities are just endless!

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Mirror photo effect

Add a Mirror Photo Effect

If you’re into photographing landscape or urban scenes, flipping your photos can give them a mirrorlike, reflective look. And with Fotor’s image flipper, achieving this effect is no problem at all. Give it a try now to add a mirror or reflection effect to your photos to create something truly unique and special.

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Fotors pohto editing features

Even More Image Editing Options

That’s not all, though. Fotor has an entire suite of editing tools for you to play with. You can crop or resize photos, enhance image quality, remove backgrounds, adjust lightning, contrast and exposure, and much more. Take some time and look around the Fotor editor and see what else is there for you.

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Fotor photo editor interface

How to Flip an Image?

  • Flipping images couldn’t be easier with Fotor. Open Fotor, click "Edit a photo", and upload the image you wish to edit.
  • Click “Rotate & Flip” tool and flip or mirror the image to the way you desire.
  • When you’re happy with the look, download your image in PNG, JPG or PDF file format or share it online.
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Image Flip FAQs

What is a flipped image?
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It’s Never Been Easier to Flip Images with Fotor

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What Our Users Say about Fotor

The 2nd generation of digital image enhancers and designers after Photoshop.

Ian Hardy

BBC News is always my go-to software for designing, editing, and college needs! The templates are all catered to the type of design you are trying to create and the inspiration is endless. It is also incredibly user-friendly!

Amy Desrosiers


Fotor is easy and very user friendly online personalized design creating/editing platform with enough resources.