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Rotate pictures in any direction and get an amazing transformational effect with Fotor’s free image rotator. Do this with ease and keep quality intact. Try it yourself!

Rotate fruit image with Fotor's image rotator
Rotate women image online in 90 degree

Easily Rotate Picture 360 Degrees with Fotor

With Fotor's picture rotator, you can quickly rotate your photos in 90, 180, 270, and 360 degrees. Whether your photos are upside down, spun sideways, or even on their side, simply use our image rotating tool to fix them in no time. It is perfect for rotating photos taken from odd angles.

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Slightly rotate ski photo with our straighten tool

Rotate Image Online to Any Angle

Spinning an image to your ideal angle not only fixes the slight wrong angle when the photo was taken but also adds your photo a new feeling. Use Fotor's picture rotator to straighten and rotate your pictures, giving them a new life.

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Rotate png and jpg picture of building

Online Rotate Image for JPG/PNG Formats

Our photo rotator provides you with the easiest way to rotate PNG and JPG images. What you need to do are upload your photo and click "Rotate". Moreover, when you finish it, you can also save it as a new file type.

Rotate Your Image
Photo editing tools including crop, resize, and add photo effects

Explore More Photo Editing Features

With Fotor, you can do so much more than just spin images. It offers various useful editing tools to help you bring your photos to the next level. You can crop or resize images, flip images, remove backgrounds, add text to photos, and so on. Explore our more features to make your image shine through.

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How to Rotate Images?

  • Using Fotor's image rotator to spin an image online is so easy. Just click"Rotate Your Image" on this page.
  • Upload the image you want to rotate by clicking "Open Image".
  • Click on "Rotate & Flip". Fotor allows you to rotate an image clockwise or anticlockwise. Moreover, you can slightly adjust the photo angle by straightening it.
  • Preview the image. If the final image appears how you want it to be, then download the image in JPG and PNG format. You can also share it online with your friends.
Rotate Your Image

Rotate Picture FAQs

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