Face Cut Out

Instantly have fun with our face cut out tool to get big head cutouts for your portraits, kids, and pets. Free for everyone to use the big face cutouts as design materials for T-shirts, cellphone cases, and more.

Use fotor ai face cutout tool to create bighead cutouts from the female image
Cut out kid face with fotor ai face cutout tool

Easy-to-use AI Face Cut Out Tool

It’s easy to get a giant head cutout with the AI face cut out tool from Fotor. All you need to do is upload your images to our head cutout tool, and our AI tool will detect and retain the face area and erase other unwanted parts automatically. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to get the big head photos in Fotor. Then, you can save the face cutout png for personal usage.

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Post the big head image made in fotor ai face cutout tool

Create Big Head Pictures for Instagram

Seeking eye-catching images for your social media platforms? Give Fotor’s AI face cut out tool a try to win over likes and fans for your Instagram! You can upload your images and make head cut outs to get ready for the attractive big head pictures. Zoom out the head cutout and upload the image again to acquire the unique and cute big head pics that seem to apply the big head filter. Lastly, share your custom big head photos online!

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Use the big head on a stick as the birthday cake decoration material

Face Cut Out for Big Event

To make your big day unique, why not add some face cutout elements to your celebration? You can use our big face cutout tools to create some stunning props, such as the big head posters, big heads on a stick, or some face cutout signs. These creative custom big head ideas will make your big day memorable!

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Cut out cat face and put it on top of icecream

Custom Big Head Cutouts for Pets

Our face cut out tool not only allows you to create custom big heads for your pets, but it also offers the option to swap heads with other photos for a hilarious twist. You can add fun to your pet's images instantly by making custom big head photos. Once you have the face cutouts, you can explore more funny and creative occasions for your pets’ big faces. Start to make cute custom big face cutout images for your pets in Fotor!

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Use female bighead cutouts to face swap with others

Use Face Cutouts to Swap Faces with Others

Plus, Fotor allows you to have fun with your big head cutouts. After cutting out faces in Fotor, you can swap faces with others directly in our AI tool. Just upload images that you want to replace faces with your big heads, and you can get interesting refaced photos immediately with a few clicks. Click the button to use our face cut out tool in no time!

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Combine fotor ai background generator and transparent kid face cutout to create a new christmas kid image

Take Your Big Head Cutouts to the Next Level

Surprisingly, you can get extra creativity for your face cut outs with our in-built AI background generator. Once you have the transparent big head cutouts in our AI face cutout tool, you can enter the prompts for the wanted image. After a few seconds, our AI will replace the corresponding AI-generated backgrounds you like for your big face cutouts. You can add holiday atmosphere or fun to the big head pictures or prints in Fotor.

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Cut out male face in fotor ai face cutout tool

How to Use Face Cutout Tool?

  • Click the “Start Face Cutout Now” button to switch to the AI face cut out tool.
  • Upload images that you want to make face cutouts. Our AI tool will detect and retain the face areas of uploaded images automatically.
  • You can use the in-built AI background generator to make creative custom big head photos by entering the prompt.
  • Save the transparent face cutout png and print out the big head cutouts.
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