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With Fotor's AI-powered head swap tool, you can swap heads and faces on your photos in just seconds.

No photo editing skills are needed. Try it now for realistic and effortless head swaps.

Swap head on photo online in seconds with Fotor's free AI head swap tool
Automatically and accurately cut out head from photos using Fotor's AI head swap tool

AI-Powered Head Swap Tool

Swapping heads in Photoshop takes a lot of time and effort. Fotor’s AI head swap tool simplifies the process, making head swapping quick and easy. All you need to do is upload your photo, and Fotor will automatically detect and cut out heads from your photo. In just seconds, you’ll have perfect head cutouts that you can swap onto anybody you like. Swapping heads has never been easier with Fotor!

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Use Fotor's AI head swap tool to do kid and father head swap to create funny photo for sharing on Instagram

Unlock the Fun with Head Swapping

Looking for a fun way to spice up your social media feed? Create unique and funny image compositions with our AI head swap to bring smiles to all. You can effortlessly swap faces and heads with anyone- whether it's your friend, family member, your favorite celebrity, or even a cartoon character. The possibilities are endless! Create creative head swap creations now to show your fun side and elevate your social media game to the next level!

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Swap heads to create professional portrait photo with formal attire using Fotor's AI head swap tool

Create a Realistic Head Swap for a Professional Look

Need a professional headshot for your Linkedin profile? You don’t have to book pricey a photo shoot or hire a photographer. With Fotor’s free AI head swap tool, you can create realistic head swaps and transform your casual family photo or vacation snapshot into a polished and professional portrait complete with formal attire. Plus, you can download your transformed image in high quality for free! Give it a try today and experience the magic!

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Fotor AI head swap tool interface

How to Do a Head Swap?

  • You can easily and quickly do a head swap with Fotor’s free online AI head swap tool. Firstly, upload the images you want to use for the head swap to Fotor.
  • Fotor will intelligently and instantly segment heads in your photos. You can then freely put the head on a different body of your choice.
  • To make the head swap more realistic, you can use Fotor's easy-to-use editing tools to adjust the head size and position, blend edges, adjust colors, and apply filters to harmonize the swapped head with the overall photo.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the result, click the ”Download” button to save the edited photo to your device. It’s that easy.
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The Easiest Way to Do a Head Swap

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