Free Online Image Compressor Without Losing Quality

Fotor's online image compressor quickly reduces your image sizes to less than 1MB, allowing you to shrink them to specific file sizes like 50kb, 20kb, 100kb, 200kb, 500kb, and beyond. Compress JPG, JPEG, PNG, or WEBP images without losing quality.

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How to Compress An Image?

  • Upload one or multiple images to Fotor Image Compressor, or drag-and-drop from your device. We support various file formats, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP.
  • Choose the file format and the quality level you desire for your images. Press the "Start" button to begin compression. For more control, opt for "Custom Quality" to adjust the compression level manually.
  • Download your compressed images one by one or as a zip file, ready for use on any website.
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Compress a woman photo size by choosing photo quality

Quick and Easy Online Image Compressor

Need to shrink your image size quickly? Just upload your photo, choose your desired output quality, and get a compressed image in seconds without losing any quality. Whether you need to downsize your image to less than 1MB or compress it exactly to 1MB, Fotor has you covered. Fotor's image compressor tool makes online image compression super easy and fast!

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Compress the portrait size by selecting photo quality

Bulk Image Compressor

With Fotor's Bulk Image Compressor, you can easily upload up to 50 JPG, JPEG, PNG, or WEBP images at once and compress them without losing quality, perfect for optimizing your website's performance. Once they're compressed, you can download them one by one or all together in a ZIP file. And don’t worry about privacy—any images you upload are automatically deleted from our servers within 12 hours. Need to compress images on your phone? Just download the Fotor Image Compressor app for Android or iOS, and you can start compressing right away.

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Compress scenery photo size with fotors desktop software

Handles Your Favorite Formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP

Fotor is the best image compressor that can support the most popular formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP. You can reduce your image sizes right from your web browser—no need to install any other software. The best part? You can add up to 50 at a time and let our tool do the heavy lifting. Compressing large files into smaller ones is now completely free and easier than ever.

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Compress the vase photo size without losing quality

Compress Image Without Losing Quality

Image compression often leads to pixelated images. But with Fotor's image compressor, you don't have to compromise on resolution. You can reduce image size as much as you need and maintain the original picture quality as much as possible. Fotor supports customizing the size of the output images and offers three image quality options, from high to low. So you can choose the image quality to be output as you need, and get the compressed image quickly. Fotor makes it possible to do lossless photo size shrink.

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Resize a bridge photo with fotors image resizer

KB Compressor with Customizable Height and Width

With Fotor's photo compressor, you can instantly reduce your MB-sized images to KB-sized files while choosing between high, medium, and low image quality. Resize your image with our image resizer, and change the height and width to reach any size you need. It also lowers image size by the exact pixel value and percentage value. You can resize images to any desired dimensions without losing their details and quality.

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Optimize Your Website's Performance with Smaller Image Sizes

Want a faster website? Compress your images with following recommended file sizes! Just upload your photos, pick the quality you want, and get compressed images in seconds with Fotor's easy tool. It's a quick and simple way to make your site load faster and perform better!

Image TypeWidth × Height (px)Recommended File Size
Product Images2048 × 2048200-500 KB
Collection Images1024 × 1024100-300 KB
Banner Images1600 × 500100-250 KB
Full-width & Background Images2500 × 1400200-500 KB
Blog Images1200 × 1200150-350 KB
Menu Images360 × 36030-100 KB
Store Logo450 × 250450 × 250
Favicon32 × 321-5 KB
Hero Slides1920 × 1080150-300 KB
Header Images1280 × 40070-150 KB
Portfolio Images600 × 40050-150 KB
Infographics1000 × 3000300-500 KB


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