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Fotor's online image compressor makes you quickly reduce the image size to kb, 100% free! Quickly compress images to the minimum possible size while keeping the quality.

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Compress a woman photo size by choosing photo quality

Easy-to-use Image File Compressor

To lower image size, just upload the photo that needs to be optimized, and choose the image quality to be output as needed, then you will get a lossless compressed image in seconds. You can quickly compress photo sizes with Fotor's image compressor tool, online image compression has never been so easier!

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Change a portrait size from 1000 kb to 200 kb

Compress Image Size to Kb Instantly

Your image will be compressed to kb instantly with Fotor's photo compressor based on high, medium, and low image quality. Fotor's file size reducer is synonymous with speed, and you will get the ultimate image optimization experience here with us, even large images are compressed within seconds!

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Compress the portrait size by selecting photo quality

Customize Image Quality with the Image Compressor

Use Fotor's photo size reducer to compress the image size as you want. Fotor supports customizing the size of the output images and offers three image quality options, from high to low. So you can choose the image quality to be output as you need, and get the compressed image quickly.

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Compress the vase photo size without losing quality

High-Quality Image Compression

Image compression often leads to pixelated images. But with Fotor's image compressor, you don't have to compromise on resolution. You can reduce image size as much as you need and maintain the original picture quality as much as possible. Fotor makes it possible to do lossless photo size shrink.

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Resize a bridge photo with fotors image resizer

Compress Image by Exact Pixels with Image Resizer

Fotor’s image resizer offers a fast and easy solution to compress images without cropping. It lowers image size by the exact px value and percentage value. You can resize images to any desired dimensions without losing their details and quality.

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Compress scenery photo size with fotors desktop software

Enjoy the Convenience of Image Compressor Software

Fotor's image size reducer is available for desktop software on Mac & Windows. Upload your images and choose the image quality you need, or resize images by customizing the image pixels without losing image quality. Get the image compressor desktop app and enjoy stable image optimization.

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How to Compress An Image?

  • You can easily compress an image with our image compressor. First, click the button "Compress Image Now", and upload the image need to be optimized.
  • Click the Download button at the top right of the canvas, and select JPG format. Then choose the image quality you want to output, or you can select "Custom Quality" to customize the compression level.
  • Finally, click the blue button Download to save the compressed image.
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