Compress Image to 20KB

Compress image to 20KB with the image compressor of Fotor online free. No more compromising on picture quality. Give it a try!

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Compress image to 20kb automatically in fotor

Compress Image to 20 KB Automatically Within Few Seconds

No need to wrestle with resizing an image to 20KB anymore! You can quickly compress image to 20KB with Fotor’s image compressor, which makes this process incredibly simple and quick. Just upload the photo that needs to be optimized, then choose the image size(20KB) and our photo compressor will automatically reduce image size to 20kb within a second. Online image compression has never been so easier with Fotor!

Compress Image to 20KB
Support various file formats of image compressor

Image Compressor for JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc.

When it comes to compressing images, you may have various formats to deal with, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, and others. Fortunately, the image compressor to 20KB in Fotor is versatile and supports a wide range of formats. Fotor’s KB reducer allows you to easily compress image to 20KB, regardless of their original format, making them suitable for different platforms and purposes.

Compress Image to 20KB
Compress Image to 20 KB with high quality in fotor

Resize Image to 20 KB with High-quality Results

Image compressor to 20kb in Fotor is designed to strike a balance between reducing file size and maintaining image quality. It incorporates advanced lossless compression algorithms that reduce image size without compromising quality. With our photo size compressor, you can expect high-quality results with minimal loss of detail and get your hands on this photo compressor when need to reduce the size of images below 20KB anytime, anywhere.

Compress Image to 20KB
Batch compress image to 20kb in fotor

Compress Images to 20 KB in Bulk

If you need to make photo convert into 20KB or less, manually compressing each one can be a time-consuming task. Thankfully, Fotor’s image reducer in kb offers bulk processing options. With our powerful photo resizer in 20 kb, you can upload multiple images at once and have them automatically resized to your desired file size, saving you a significant amount of time and effort.

Compress Image to 20KB

Why Choose Fotor’s Image Compressor Online

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User Friendly

This size reducer in kb is designed for all users, advanced knowledge is not required. So, it's easy to compress image size.

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High-Quality Image Compression

Our kb compressor enables you the best quality image compression without asking for any hassles to follow.

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Free and Fast

There isn’t any need to pay a single coin to compress image to 20kb at all. It gives you an opportunity to shrink pictures without wasting any money.


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