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Compress JPEG files using Fotor free online image compressor. Upload your image and select an output file size, get easy and fast JPEG compression without losing image quality.

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Compress a JPEG file size by choosing photo quality in Fotors image compressor

Compress JPEG Instantly

Compressing JPEG files has never been easier with our fast and easy-to-use image compressor. To reduce JPEG size, simply upload the image you want to compress and select the image quality to be output as needed, then you will get a lossless compressed JPEG in seconds.

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Easily compress JPEG image size from 1mb to 200kb with Fotor

Effortlessly Reduce JPEG Size KB

Fotor uses highly efficient image compression technology to rapidly shrink the size of your images to KB without cropping. Utilize this convenient online JPEG compressor to reduce JPEG size, ensuring compatibility with any platform.

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Compress the vase photo size without losing quality

Compress JPEG Image without Losing Quality

Resizing images while maintaining the original quality and detail can be a challenging task. However, Fotor's JPEG compressor offers a solution by enabling effortless implementation of lossless JPEG compression. Regardless of whether your image is 1MB or 5MB, Fotor empowers you to compress JPEGs to KB size without compromising quality, resulting in high-quality JPEG compression while saving storage space.

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Batch compress images size

Batch Compress JPEG Images

Our highly effective batch image compressor allows you to effortlessly reduce image size in bulk simultaneously, eliminating the need to upload and compress them individually. This enables you to optimize your storage space and save valuable time, which can then be utilized for other crucial tasks and pursuits.

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Compress a portrait size with Fotors image compressor

How to Compress a JPEG?

  • It is super easy to compress JPEG file with our JPEG compressor. To do image compression, click the button "Compress JPEG Now" to get started.
  • Upload your image to the canvas.
  • Click the Download button at the top right of the canvas, and select JPG format. Then choose the image quality you want to output, or you can select "Custom Quality" to customize the compression level.
  • Click the blue "Download" button to save your resized JPEG image.
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FAQs about JPEG Compression

Why Should I Compress a JPEG?

How Do I Make a JPEG File Smaller?