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Fotor is committed to establishing a community of like-minded, compassionate organizations and individuals for the purpose of building bridges between countries, assisting in the creation of global awareness and understanding of the voiceless, disadvantaged and underprivileged.

Exclusive design assets

The dedicated content drafters of Fotor’s team are experienced in drawing upon exclusive materials to maximize the effectiveness of any mission or campaign. Fotor will customize templates, stickers as well as brand logos related to themes such as charity, non-profit campaigns, raising donations.

Fotor premium accounts for free

Fotor provides NGO community Fotor premium accounts for free. With Fotor premium accounts, everyone in your organization is able to create professional visual contents that bring real results without design assets or function limitations. Simply providing your NGO certificates in English and apply for a Fotor premium account.

Brand enhancement

Fotor owns the ability to help enhance NGOs and Nonprofits groups with a total of 250 million users up to date across the world. This allows for a comprehensive approach to international mission promotion, allowing potential supporters to see events unfold as they happen.

How to Apply

Simply contacting Fotor with your organization’s name, mission as well as NGO certificates to initiate the application process. Submitting an email to Fotor’s Marketing Department will allow for a rapid response.

To begin Application, contact:

Maggie Wu

NGO Interface Administrator from Marketing Department
[email protected] Apply Now