Partner With Fotor

Fotor is your ideal partner to expand your business because it is a renowned all-in-one visual content solution. Partner with us to maximize your profits today.

Distributor & Reseller

Fotor is looking forward to partnering with distributors and resellers to spread Fotor services to your customers and share revenue. Plus, you can buy discounted Fotor licenses and then sell them to your customers on any of your marketing channels.

Affiliate Program

Fotor’s affiliate program lets you earn revenue simply by placing our tracking text, link, or banner on your website or other web spaces. Bloggers, webmasters, social media publishers, and online forum moderators all have the opportunity to earn a high commission of up to 35% for your referral!


Fotor regularly cooperates with media. The continuous support of our media partners has helped spread the story of Fotor to the world. Learn more on our press page if you are looking for some inspirational stories for your audience and readers. Contact us, and we at Fotor would love to share our stories and business insight with you.

Influencer & KOL

Fotor engages with influencers & KOLs for content promotion and branding. If you have a dedicated audience of fans and followers that closely follow the content you publish, or you are an influencer marketing agency, then you are who we are looking for. Submit a collaboration request to make branded and sponsored content for Fotor.


Are you still looking for interesting topics for blogs on your website? Check our Fotor and work with us to build a relationship that benefits us both, grows your audience, and shares Fotor the useful photo editing & graphic design tool with your followers.

Write for us

Fotor is looking for experienced and creative freelancers to write for us. If you have any ideas that will be an interesting topic to include Fotor, we would love to hear about it. Check our blog to understand our style.

Business Proposal

Fotor is open to all manner of collaboration. If you have any ideas for collaboration that are not included above, feel free to connect with us.