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Resize icons easily with Fotor's online icon resizer to fit multiple usage scenarios!

Resize icon in Fotor online icon resizer
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Free and Fast Icon Resizer

Fotor offers an easier answer for how to change icon resize instead of cropping. Just upload the icon to Fotor's icon resizer, enter your desired width or height in the menu bar, and our resizing tool will automatically resize your icon. Alternatively, you can click "Use Percentage" to change the icon size, which means your icon's original aspect ratio will not be adjusted.

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Change Icon Size as You Need

Everyone's need for icon size is different. The same icon may be subject to different usage rules in different scenarios. If unwanted icon sizes are bothering you, why not use Fotor's icon resizer to resize them to the right size? Fotor allows you to reduce icon size or upscale images to make icons bigger easily.

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Resize four icons in bulk to the same size in Fotor

Resize Icons in Bulk in a Snap

If you are at a loss to resize a large number of icons, you can click into Fotor's ai resizer where you can resize icons online in a few clicks. Switch to our batch icon resizer, upload all the icons you want to resize to the same size, fill in the left menu bar with the size you want, or choose any pre-set size in the Ratio, and you can change icon sizes in bulk instantly.

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Resize tool icon without losing quality

Resize Icons Without Losing Quality

Image resizing or icon resizing often results in blur or pixelation. Luckily, Fotor's free icon changer allows you to circumvent these annoying problems perfectly. You can change icon size online - make them bigger or smaller on demand without losing quality.

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Resize icon in Fotor resizing app

Available Icon Resizing App for Free

Now you are allowed to resize icons anywhere and anytime. Fotor's powerful resizing app is available on mobile devices. It's free to download the app and change icon sizes on your portable devices.

Resize Icons Now

How to Change Icon Size

  • Click on the "Resize Icons Now" button to get started, and upload your icon image.
  • Click the resizer tool on the left tool menu, and enter the desired size for your icons in the "Width" and "Height" fields. Similarly, you can change icon sizes by adjusting the percentage.
  • If you want to maintain the original ratio, keep the "Keep Proportions" option locked.
  • Download your resized icons.
Resize Icons Now