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How to Compress Images: 4 Ways to Reduce Images Size with High Quality In Seconds

Summary: This is a guide on how to compress images on Windows, Mac, Photoshop and online image compressors easily.

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Sometimes, large digital images in your business websites or e-mails are unfriendly for your customers to load the images, which may have a bad influence on your business because it costs too much time for customers to wait for the information that they need in the pictures.

That's because digital images that carry on too much data can take up lots of storage space on your computers and cellphones, and image loading speed has a great impact on the experience for users.

In order to transmit and store images efficiently, it is necessary to compress the data volume of the images. Reducing the image size is one of the effective ways to improve the loading speed.

Here we will share some useful and practical methods on how to compress images with and without an image compressor.

What is image compressing?

Image compressing is the application of data compression technology to digital images. Its purpose is to reduce redundant information in image data so that data can be stored and transmitted in a more efficient format.

Due to the huge amount of image data, it is very difficult to store, transmit and process, so the compression of image data is very important. Besides, image compressing is the image processing that will reduce image quality, as you can see the below image.

The benefits of image compression

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Image compression is the necessary step before starting the processing of larger images. Compressing images is a useful tool when you want to have your images smaller for your website and post because sometimes different website platforms require different sizes of images.

1. Save more storage space

2. Cost less image uploading/downloading time

3. Post images on social media faster

4. Have more choices for image printing

How to compress image without an image compressor

Below we will share several ways that can help you compress images on different devices and how to compress images in the powerful Photoshop.

1. How to compress images on Windows

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Actually, Windows provides the functions to resize and compress images, which is very convenient for Windows users to compress images quickly. Just open the Photos app and follow the tutorials, you can make it easily on Windows

1. Open the image that you want to compress in the image file in Photos app

2. Click on the dots on the top toolbar and select the Resize

3. Next, there will be 3 recommended size options for different occasions. And if you are not satisfied with the preset sizes, you can have your own sizes by adjusting the Width and Height according to the requirement. Photos app allows users to adjust the photo quality by clicking on the proper percent number.

4. Save resized copy and select location to save the compressed image

2. How to compress images on Mac

a macbook and a camera on the desk

Preview app on Mac is a helpful tool for Mac users to resize and compress the images. Follow the steps, and you can quickly compress images on Mac.

1. Open your images that you want to compress in the Preview app on Mac

2. Choose Tools in the toolbar and select the Adjust Size

3. Still, there will be 3 recommended size options for different occasions. And if you are not satisfied with the preset sizes, you can check the Resample Image option and input your own sizes by adjusting the Width and Height according to the requirement.

4. Select the Save As in the menu to save the compressed image

3. How to compress images in Photoshop

Photoshop is the famous image editing tool that provide professional editing functions in the image processing.

In Photoshop, you can have your images compressed without losing image quality. That’s the reason you choose it as the image compressor.

Follow the below tutorials and guides, you can compress images easily and quickly.

1. Open that image that you want to compress in Photoshop

2. Click on the Export As in the File

3. In the new-pop window, you can see the size and quality. Then you can adjust the sizes according to your own need. But keep in mind that the sizes decreases along with the quality percentage

4. Click on Export to save the compressed image

How to compress images with online image compressors

When the time for you to compress images especially piles of images is limited, these image compressing tools mentioned above may not suitable. Here, we will share two online image compressors for you to have your piles of images compressed in a few seconds.

1. TinyPNG

homepage of tinypng website

TinyPNG is a famous online 1-click image compressor that uses powerful lossy compression techniques to reduce the size of the images. TinyPNG just decrease the number of colors in the digital images selectively that will not influence the image quality, which is an effective way to reduce the file size.

How to compress images without losing any image quality in TinyPNG:

1. Open the TingPNG website

2. Drag and drag the image that you want to reduce the image size in the compressor

3.Just wait a few seconds, your images are compressed

4. Compress the image size to meet your need and download the compresed images.

2. Fotor

how to compress image on Fotor

Fotor’s online photo resizer helps you change the dimensions and sizes of any image without sacrificing quality. Simply upload your image, enter your desired width or height in pixels, and Fotor will take care of the rest and get you exactly the size you want.

You can also change the image size by percentage, so your image will keep its aspect ratio. What’s more. Fotor's online image resizer is totally free, so you can resize as many images as you need.

Using Fotor’s photo resizer to shrink your large image files and reduce image into KB in a flash. Regardless of whether you’re resizing the images to print or to make your website load faster, you’ll be covered. Try it out. There’s no software to install either. Do it right from your browser.

Below are the steps on how to resize and compress images with Fotor’s online image compressor:

1. Open fotor online editor and upload the image you want to edit.

2. Type the proportions you want in the "Width" and "Height" fields or enter a percentage to determine the size of the photo.

3. Check the "Keep Proportions" option if you want to maintain the proportions from the original image.

4. After resizing the image, save and choose the format as needed.


Above we have shared how to compress images with different methods. For people who are using Windows and Mac, we shared the detailed tutorials for you to compress your images with the tools and functions that your devices provide. Still. we shared the guides on how to compress images in Photoshop by adjusting the sizes of the images.

And for people who don’t want to download the editing app, we highly recommend the online photo editor-Fotor. Hope these useful tips can help you, and if you have something to tell, just comment and share with us!