Bulk Image Compressor

Compress multiple images at once with high quality with the bulk image compressor of Fotor, which makes you reduce image size effortlessly, 100% free!

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Compress images at once with fotor bulk image compressor

Compress Multiple Images in One Click

Reduce file size of multiple images at once in seconds with an online batch photo editor by Fotor. Instead of tediously compressing each image individually, our bulk image compressor allows you to save time and effort by selecting multiple images and compressing them all at once.

Just upload the photos that need to be optimized, and choose the image quality to be output as needed, then you will get lossless compressed images in seconds.

Compress Image In Bulk
Customize image quality with fotor bulk image compressor

Customize Image Quality with Bulk Image Compressor

With our bulk image compressor, you have the flexibility to customize the level of compression and control the image quality according to your specific requirements. It provides various compression options, from high to low, enabling you to choose between higher compression ratios for smaller file sizes or lower compression ratios for better image quality.

Compress Image In Bulk
Compress a girl image without quality loss with fotor bulk image compressor

Batch Compress Photos Without Losing Quality

Maintaining the visual integrity of your images is crucial, even when compressing them in bulk. Thankfully, the reliable bulk image compressor of Fotor ensures that the compression process does not lead to any loss of quality. By utilizing advanced compression algorithms, our image compressor intelligently analyzes and optimizes images while minimizing any degradation. This way, you can confidently compress batches of photos for web galleries, social media posts, or any application where image size matters, without compromising their overall appearance.

Compress Image In Bulk
Compress multiple images with specific pixels with fotor bulk image compressor

Reduce Image Size by Exact Pixels with Bulk Image Resizer

Batch photo editor of Fotor provides a quick and easy solution, resize tool, to compress images in bulk without cropping. It reduces the size of images with precise pixel values and percentage values. You can resize images to any desired size without losing their details and quality.

Compress Image In Bulk
Compress four photos at once in fotor batch photo editor

How to Use Bulk Image Compressor

  • First, click the button "Compress Image In Bulk" to enter our batch photo editor, and upload the images need to be optimized.
  • Click the Resize tool in the left toolbar to set a specific pixel value for images.
  • Or click the Download button at the top right of the canvas, and select JPG format. Then choose the image quality you want to output, or you can select "Custom Quality" to customize the compression level.
  • Finally, click the blue button Download to save the compressed images.
Compress Image In Bulk

Batch Image Compressor FAQs

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