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Use our online image converter to transform your files into JPG, PNG, and PDF formats. Convert images in seconds without losing quality.

100% free, and batch conversions are supported.

Change an image file format from jpg to png with Fotors image converter
Transfer image format to jpg png and pdf

Convert any Image to JPG, PNG, and PDF

With Fotor's powerful image converter, change any image file into popular formats like JPG, PNG, and PDF, perfect for optimizing web content, print materials, or digital archives. Whether you want to convert PNG to JPG, JPG to PNG, or even more file formats, Fotor has you covered.

Now, say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to seamless image conversion!

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Convert an image file format from jpg to transparent background png using Fotors image converter

Convert Image Files in a Snap

Fotor makes it easy and quick to convert image format. You can get a high-quality converted image in seconds with our user-friendly photo converter. All you need to do is simply upload your photo to the canvas, and choose the design format you need. Moreover, it is possible to use the PNG maker tool to convert your JPG image to a PNG image with transparent background. Converting an image online has never been easier!

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Convert a seaside image format from jpg to high quality pdf with Fotors image converter

High-Quality Conversions

Use our image file converter, you can easily transform images to different formats without losing the quality and details of the original image, thus ensuring that your work is of the highest possible standard. In addition, Fotor also offers a customization option that allow you to adjust the quality of the output image to meet your specific needs.

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Batch edit jpg format images with Fotor

Change Picture Format in Batch

Easily batch-convert image files to JPG and PNG formats with Fotor‘s online image converter. Say goodbye to the repetitive and slow conversion process. Just upload all your photos and choose the format you want, then leave the rest to us. Our batch conversion tool will help you save a lot of time and unnecessary work.

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Create a custom marketing design with Fotor

More Than an Image Converter

You can do more with Fotor besides the image conversion. Use Fotor's built-in set of editing tools - image compressor, AI image enlarger, AI background remover, as well as design templates created by professional designers to make it easy for you to create stunning photos. Explore more now!

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Convert an image format with Fotors image converter

How to Convert an Image with Fotor's Image Converter?

  • It's easy to convert an image format with Fotor. Firstly, click the button "Convert an Image Now" to get started.
  • Upload the image you want to convert to the canvas.
  • Once the image is uploaded, click the button "Download", choose the image format you want to convert and the file size.
  • Then, Fotor will help you convert the images to the format you need in seconds.
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