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Convert your files from PNG to GIF easily and quickly with our online PNG to GIF converter. 100% free, secure and easy to use! Enjoy hassel-free file size reduction and lossless conversion right now!

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Convert a girl png to static gif using fotor png to gif converter

Effotless and Swift PNG to GIF Converter

Effortlessly transform your PNG images into GIF format with our rapid and user-friendly PNG to GIF converter. Simply upload your PNG file with the drag-and-drop tool, and our advanced image converter will flawlessly convert your image to a high-quality GIF format in mere seconds.

No technical expertise is required. Only a few clicks and you can have the PNG to GIF conversion accomplished. Embark on this fast and easy conversion journey by trying our converter now!

Convert butterfly jpg to gif with sharp clarity and details on fotor

Convert PNG to GIF Without Quality Loss

Rest assured that the integrity of your images remains uncompromised during the conversion process with our PNG to GIF converter. Equipped with cutting-edge algorithms, our tool guarantees the flawless transition from PNG to GIF while maintaining impeccable image quality.

Moreover, Fotor goes the extra mile by providing you with an array of enhancement and upscaling options to elevate the output of your converted GIF images.

Use gif with smaller file size to optimize webpage speed

Speed up Loading Time With Smaller GIF Files

The PNG format, known for its lossless compression and support for transparency, often results in larger file sizes compared to GIFs. By converting PNG to GIF, you effectively reduce file sizes, thereby accelerating page load speeds. This ensures a smoother browsing experience for your audience, regardless of their device or internet connection speed.

Batch convert png images to static gifs on fotor

Batch PNG to GIF Conversion

To save time and increase efficiency, Fotor allows users to convert multiple PNG files to GIF simultaneously. This batch processing works best when you have large collections of images to process, finally streamlining the workflow and easing manual effort. No limit to the number of uploaded images, try to unleash the full potential of Fotor!