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Free Online Photo Enhancer

Fotor’s online photo enhancer helps you enhance photo quality instantly.

Enhance colors, reduce blur, increase sharpness, remove haze, highlight focus, and more.

Free to perfect your photos in no time.

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Fotor one tap photo enhancer effect

One-Tap Image Enhancer

Have no photo editing skills? You don’t need to. Fotor's powerful image enhancer can help you improve your photo quality with only one click. Just upload your image and click “1-Tap Enhance” button, and Fotor will automatically detect and correct the lightings and color, improve details, and repair blurry for your photo in real time. Enjoy effortless image enhancement with Fotor.

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Improve image quality with Fotors HDR Effect

Improve Image Quality with HDR Effect

Whether you need to fix low lighting, image blurry, or poor focus, Fotor’s advanced HDR effect can help cover all your needs. It uses AI technology to analyze and transform your image into a high-definition, rich HDR photograph. Restore the details that might be lost with standard digital cameras and reproduce the vivid colors as your eyes see it.

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Fotor powerful photo enhancement tools

Pro-Level Photo Enhancement Toolset

Fotor’s free image quality enhancer offers a full set of built-in photo enhancement tools to help further enhance your photos. With a few simple clicks, you can fine-tune the brightness, saturation, exposure, and contrast, increase sharpness, unblur images, resize images and more. Instantly provide your photos with a lift and take them to a whole new level.

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Improve photo composition with Fotor photo enhancer

Improve Your Photo Composition

Picture looking slanted? Not to worry. You can easily use Fotor to rotate, straighten, flip or crop photos exactly the way you want. Quickly correct image perspective and adjust composition to fit your vision. You can also blur the photo’s background to reduce noise and enhance the focus of your photos. Highlight your photo subject easily.

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Enhance images with design resources

Enhance Images with Photo Effects, Text, Stickers and More

Access a wide variety of exclusive photo effects and filters right inside Fotor. Apply styles ranging from Lomo, vintage, B&W, artistic and more. Plus, you’ll find a large library of stickers, overlays, emojis, icons, stock photos, fonts, photo frames and other design resources at your fingertips. There are countless ways to enhance your images to match the aesthetic you’re looking for.

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Create graphic designs easily with Fotor

How to Enhance a Photo?

  • Open Fotor's photo enhancer with the image you want to edit.
  • Click "1-Tap Enhance" from the left sidebar to enhance your image automatically and without losing quality.
  • You can always additionally refine your image by using Fotor’s built-in editing tools, including brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, saturation, sharpness, curves and more.
  • To compare your edited photo to the original, click the “Compare” button at the bottom of the canvas. If you don’t like the way it looks, you can reset your adjustments and revert to your original image.
  • After you finish editing, save and download your edited image with the desired file type.
Enhance Photos Now

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