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Fotor puts you in control: customize your wedding photos with ease and for free—No professional expertise needed.

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How Can I Edit My Marriage Photos

Upload Your Photos: You can either drag and drop the photo into the editor or use the upload button.
Basic Edits: Start with basic edits like cropping, rotating, and adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation.
Advanced Edits and Effects: Explore the 'Effects' tab to apply different filters and effects that can give your photos a unique touch. Fotor offers a range of styles, from vintage to black and white, to suit your preferences.
Beauty Retouching: If you want to retouch portraits, Fotor provides tools under the 'Beauty' tab. You can smooth skin, remove blemishes, reshape, and even apply makeup digitally.
Design a Wedding Album: Beyond single photo edits, you can use Fotor to design your entire wedding album, selecting layouts and themes that align with your wedding style.
Download and Save: Once you’re satisfied with your edits, download and save your photo(s) to your device.
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Craft Your Own Wedding Photo Memories, and it's Free

Professional wedding photo editing services or outsourcing can be quite expensive if you're on a tight budget. Or if you wish to add a personal touch to your memories. Fotor is a free wedding photo editor that empowers you to take control.

With Fotor, you can reshape and enhance your love story uniquely, ensuring it reflects the beauty and joy of your day exactly as you remember it.

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Smooth the bridal skin

Achieve Flawless Bridal Portraits with Our Beauty Retouching

At Fotor, we allow you to enhance every aspect of your bridal portraits. Smooth and perfect your skin for a flawless complexion, remove blemishes or wrinkles, and brighten your smile with teeth whitening.

Create captivating eyes by brightening and enhancing them. Adjust your makeup for that ideal bridal look, and tame any stray hairs to ensure your entire appearance is impeccable.

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Fotor's AI Photo Enhancer: Revolutionizing Wedding Photo Editing

Fotor’s AI photo enhancer goes beyond traditional presets. It intelligently analyzes each photograph, recognizing elements like faces, lighting, and color palettes. Based on this analysis, it automatically applies adjustments that best suit the photo’s composition and subject matter.

Enhance your photo album with detailed retouching, such as skin smoothing, blemish removal, and brightness correction.

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Wedding photo frame

Frame Your Love: Perfect Touch to Wedding Memories

Whether you desire a classic, stylish, or modern frame, Fotor's extensive collection caters to every aesthetic, ensuring that each of your wedding photos is not just preserved but also presented in a visually stunning manner.

Moreover, these frames are more than just decorative borders; they enhance the storytelling aspect of your wedding photos, drawing the viewer's eye to the love and joy captured in each moment.

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Create wedding ablum

Creating Your Dream Wedding Album with Fotor

Creating a stunning wedding album with Fotor is straightforward and enjoyable. Fotor offers a variety of professionally designed wedding album templates and wedding album covers to get you started.

And also you can upload your wedding photos to customize the layout, further edit, and enhance your album with our powerful photo editing tool.

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Change wedding photo backgrounds

Swap Out Unwanted Wedding Photo Backgrounds for Fresh Scenery

Every picture tells a story, but sometimes the background doesn't quite fit the narrative. This is where the Fotor comes into play, changing the background with any color or image you like, or even to render it transparent.

It's about more than just changing a background; it's about reimagining your wedding album to align with your dream vision.

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Change wedding dress color and style

Find The Perfect Color and Style for Your Dream Dress and Gown

Whether you're dreaming of a classic ivory gown, a bold and modern dress, or something entirely unique, Fotor's color adjustment tools make it possible to explore every hue and shade.

Combine this with the ability to try on different styles through image editing, and you have a powerful tool at your fingertips. Adjust the saturation, tweak the brightness, or add filters to see how different lighting conditions affect your chosen outfit.

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Go-To Ai App for Wedding Photo Magic

Capture love's essence in every frame with our AI-powered wedding photo app.

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