Online Photo Restoration with AI

Restore old photos and blurry images with Fotor's photo restorer in seconds, and enhance the photo resolution online to relive your beautiful memories.

100% automatic, and powered by AI photo restoration technology. Try it out now!

Restore resolution of a woman portrait with Fotor
Restore a picture with Fotors AI photo restorer

Fix Blurry Photos Instantly with AI Photo Restorer

It takes a lot of time and technical expertise to restore photos in Photoshop. With Fotor’s AI photo restorer, the whole picture restoration process is completed within a few seconds. You can remove blur from photo and enhance quality with a few clicks in our AI picture restoration tool, and no editing skills are needed. Just upload your photo, and left the rest to us, you will get a high-quality photo in seconds. Try Fotor now and make your photos clearer!

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Enhance an old photo

Relive Your Special Memories with AI Photo Restoration

Every picture is as priceless as the memories it captures. With Fotor's advanced old photo restoration technology, you can relive your precious memories that were captured in special moments. Use AI picture restorer to restore old photos online and improve their quality without any skills. Moreover, Fotor's object remover can help you remove spots and scratches from old pictures to restore scratched photos effectively. Get high-resolution photos instantly for more family stories.

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Restore an old photo easily

Enhance & Restore Photos for Better Quality

Have a low-quality photo? Don't worry! Fotor is dedicated to providing users with AI photo restoration services to transform blurred and pixelated photos into high-resolution versions, restoring the most realistic details and atmosphere of the photos. Whether it's a blurry old photo or a compressed pixelated image, Fotor can help you fix blurs, restore details and textures and reduce noise in your photos in real time. Making old photo enhancement with Fotor has never been easier!

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Restore an old photo in the Fotor app

Get Fotor's Photo Restoration APP to Restore Image Details

Fotor is not just an online photo editing tool, you can also use it on your iPhone or Android device to upscale your photos. With a few clicks, you can make photo restoration for blurry photos and recover their details like a pro. The built-in light enhancement tool also allows automated brightness adjustment of your images for the best look. Restore images with Fotor now!

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How to Restore Photos Online?

  • Firstly, click the button "Restore Photo Now" to get started, and upload the image you want to restore.
  • Click the “AI Enlarger” tool at the left tool menu, and Fotor will fix and enhance your image automatically within seconds.
  • When the photo restoration process is complete, click "Apply", and download your enhanced image in high-resolution JPG or PNG format for free.
  • That’s it. You now have an restored image with superior quality ready to share immediately.
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FAQs about Photo Restoration

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