Old Photo Restoration: Restore Photos Online With AI

Experience fast and easy old photo restoration online for free. Auto-repair damages, remove blurriness, and restore faded colors & details to turn your old photo to new photo.

An old black and white family photo with scratches and signs of age
A restored and colorized version of the family phot with vibrant natural colors and clear details

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Old photo restoration online free in seconds with Fotor AI to remove scratches enhance clarity and sharpen details

Turn Old Photo to New Photo with AI

With Fotor's AI old photo restoration tool, you can now effortlessly restore photos to their former glory online in just seconds! Simply upload your old photo, and our advanced AI algorithms work their magic, automatically analyzing and enhancing every pixel of your photo. Fix faded colors, repair imperfections, and restore photo clarity. In no time, you’ll get a new photo with enhanced details and clarity. Experience the power of AI photo restoration service with Fotor.

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Repair old damage photo with scratches using Fotor old photo restration tool

Repair Old Damaged Photos: Automatically Fix Scratches, Stains, and Tears

Looking for a way to restore your stretched and damaged photos? Look no further! Our state-of-the-art online image restoration handles a variety of damages, such as scratches, tears, mold or mildew damage, stains, creases, water spots, and more. It automatically identifies the missing or damaged areas in your old photo and reconstructs them to complete the image. Repairing photos is hassle-free. Try Fotor out to turn your old photo to new photo online.

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Restore old photo with auto face enhancement and blurry removal

Restore Photo Details and Enhance Faces Precisely

Photos can fade in clarity and details over time. But worry not! Our powerful AI old photo restoration tool can help sharpen images, remove blurriness, and restore the original photo quality. Just upload your photo, and leave the rest to us. Moreover, Fotor has an advanced face enhancement feature that automatically detects human faces in your photos and restores facial details. Say goodbye to faded, blurry old images!

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Restore an old blurry family photo and colorize it with realist colors using Fotor

Restore Old Photos With Vivid, Lifelike Colors

Our tool goes beyond simply repairing old, damaged photos. With advanced photo colorization technology, we can help bring your old photos to life with colors! The AI will carefully analyze the context of your old photo, including the era, environments, clothing, and even skin tones, and then predict and apply natural, realistic colors. Our tool works on all types of pictures- old family photos, historical images, sepia-toned childhood snapshots, and more. Colorize photos and reimagine the past with our old photo restoration tool.

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Restore old photo and increase clarity and resolution using Fotor AI photo restorer

Make Quick And Effective Adjustments on Your Restored Photos

Our AI photo restorer provides a comprehensive set of tools for editing and enhancing your old photographs. With just a few clicks, you can fine-tune the tone and colors, enhance sharpness, and more for a more personalized image restoration process. In addition, you can use our powerful AI image upscaling feature to enlarge your restored photos to a higher resolution without any compromise in quality.

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Restore an old photo in Fotor's photo restoration app

Free Photo Restoration App for iPhone & Android

No need to be tied to computers. Use our app to restore photos anywhere and anytime at your fingertips. It’s available for both iPhone and Android devices. With just a single tap, you can instantly restore photo details to convert old photo to new photo. Download now and start your AI photo restoration journey for free.

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Why Choose Fotor to Restore Photos?

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Auto AI Photo Restoration

One-click to automatically restore images online. No technical skills are needed are needed at all.

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Various Images Supported

Restore old photos in JPG, JPEG, PNG, HEIC, HEIF, WEBP, and more.

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Data Safe Guarantee

Your privacy is our top priority. We utilize SSL encryption to secure your files and all uploaded photos are promptly deleted after restoration.

FAQs About AI Image Restoration

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Old Photo Restoration Is Easier Than Ever Before

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