Free Online Hue Changer

Shift the hue of your photo effortlessly using our free online hue changer tool.

Swiftly get an eye-catching image in just one minute with ease.

Change portrait hue with Fotor hue changer tool
Change the color of a portrait using hue changer tool

Change Image Color with the Hue Changer

Adjust the color scheme of your images using our innovative hue changer tool. This user-friendly tool empowers you to easily modify the hue of your images, offering a fresh and dynamic perspective to your creations.

Whether you're enhancing your social media presence, designing eye-catching marketing materials, or simply exploring your creative side, the hue changer tool is ideal for engaging visuals in no time.

Change Image Hue Now
Edit a photo with the hue slider

Easily Shift Hue Using a Slider

Effortlessly change the colors of your images with the help of our hue shifter tool. Fotor allows you to make precise hue adjustments by simply dragging the slider to the desired position, giving you complete control over the color transformation. The slider-based hue-shifting capability makes color manipulation a breeze, providing a seamless and enjoyable editing experience.

Change Image Hue Now
Edit an image with basic editing tools in Fotor

Change the Hue of an Image with More Customization

Create an eye-catching image by using our hue changer and other advanced editing tools. You can modify any aspect such as saturation, brightness, and contrast, and also apply photo effects or other creative elements to your photo to make it unique. Explore the endless possibilities that these editing features offer and unleash your creative potential.

Change Image Hue Now
Change the color of an image with Fotor hue changer

How to Change the Hue of an Image Using the Hue Changer?

  • Click the button "Change Image Hue Now" to get started.
  • Upload the image you want to edit, and choose the tool HSL on the left tool menu.
  • Select a dominant hue in the photo that you want to change, then slide the "Hue" slider below to adjust the color.
  • You can also use this tool to further adjust the saturation and lightness.
  • When finished, click the Download button in the upper right corner to save your stunning image in HD format.
Change Image Hue Now