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Change Color of Image Online Easily

Change color of image in Fotor's color changer for free. Colorize your image with trendy colors and make your image eye-catching in seconds.

Change color of female image with fotor online color replacer
change the color of decorations in the glass with color changer

Make Your Image Stand Out by Changing Color of Image

Change color of image creatively to make your image stand out! Color selection reflects your mood and expresses your attitude. Replace image color creatively to break the stereotypes. Fotor makes it easy to convert the part of your image color. Have fun in Fotor's online color replacer!

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make salad image attractive by changing its color image with fotor

Change Color of Image to Make Your Products Eye-Catching

Make your product images noticeable and eye-catching with Fotor's online color changer. Replace your product image color and allow your customers notice your product images at a quick glance. Fotor's color replacer easily makes it possible without any other refilming cost. Start using Fotor's free color changer now!

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customize female image with fotor online editor

Colorize Your Image with More Customization

Still not satisfied with your photos? Besides colorize photo, you can also explore more photo editing and design possibilities with Fotor's editing tools. Turn your image to perfection by adding stickers, text and more filters&effects to photos in Fotor's online editor. Have a try!

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How to Change the Color of the Image?

  • Click the "Change Color Now" button below to get started.
  • Drag and drop your own images to the editing area or click "Open image" to upload it.
  • Click "HSL" and pick the color that you want.
  • Then adjust Hue, Saturation, and Lightness as needed to get your image color changed.
  • After you change the image color, click "Download" to save your picture.
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Fotor Makes it Easier to Change Color of Image

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