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ivory color

The ivory color is a gentle neutral color with beige tones. You can see it everywhere in our lives, except on the traditional ivory piano keys. It is one of the most common base colors for interior design and one of the favorite colors of clothing designers because its simple and neutral hue can easily be matched with any skin tone.

Everything you need to know about ivory color will be covered in this article, including its meaning and code, a comparison between ivory color and similar colors, colors that go with ivory color, and common applications of ivory color will also be explored.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Color Is Ivory?
  2. The Hex Code of Ivory Color
  3. Ivory and Similar Colors
  4. What Are the Different Shades of Ivory?
  5. What Colors Go With Ivory Color?
  6. Common Applications of Ivory Color
  7. Conclusion

What Color Is Ivory?

Ivory, as the name suggests, is named for the elephant's tusks and has been in use since the 14th century. Ivory color is a pale white color, similar to cream. It usually has a light yellow or pinkish tint. But it is different from pure white color or cream white color.

ivory statues

Mix white with a hint of yellow and you get ivory color. Precise proportions are very important here, if you don't pay attention, you'll get beige or cream instead of ivory, and these colors are often confused with each other.

The Meaning of Ivory Color

In color psychology, pure white itself conveys meanings such as purity, serenity, and holiness, and ivory shades have similar associations. The color ivory is a bit yellow mixed with white, creating a cream shade. Ivory color is not as stark and serious as pure white due to its richer and softer tones, and it is associated with actual ivory, thus evoking notions of elegance and luxury with warmth due to this difference.

ivory chrysanthemums

Many brides opt for ivory color wedding dresses at weddings rather than pure white in order to add a touch of opulence or communicate a timeless air. Ivory is a relaxing and adaptable hue that should go well with most other colors because it is regarded as neutral.

The Hex Code of Ivory Color

Hex color codes are numbers that specify how much of a color to show on the display. The numbers represent color values ranging from 0 to 255 using specific coding. It can help you quickly distinguish between colors that are similar. The ivory color code is #FFFFF0.

Information about Ivory

Hex #FFFFF0 is made of 100% red, 100% green and 94.1% blue in a RGB color space , hex #FFFFF0 is made of 0% cyan, 0% magenta, 6% yellow and 0% black in a CMYK color space.

Ivory Color Conversion

The hex color #FFFFF0 has RGB values of: R: 100, G: 100, B: 94.1

and CMYK values of: C: 0, M: 0, Y: 0.06, K:0.

99.64, -2.551, 7.163
255, 255, 240
92.726, 99.072, 96.659
100, 100, 94.1
0.321, 0.343, 99.072
0, 0, 6, 0
99.64, 7.603, 109.606
60°, 100, 97.1
99.64, 0.822, 11.387
60°, 5.9, 100
99.535, -2.621, 6.936
11111111, 11111111, 11110000

Ivory and Similar Colors

The ivory color is very similar to white and cream color, so how should we distinguish them? Let's take a look at some comparisons to break the debate between ivory color vs white color, and ivory color vs cream color.

Ivory VS White

(The white color code is #FFFFFF)

Ivory is often considered a type of white, but it is somewhat different from white. White has cool-toned undertones, but ivory is a mixture of white and yellow with a warm tone. The addition of a subtle yellow, brown, or peach color to white is the main difference between ivory and pure white.

ivory vs white

Ivory VS Cream

(The cream color code is #FFFDD0)

Both ivory and cream can be considered white and can also be referred to as off-white. Although they share a fairly similar hue, the color cream is richer, more noticeable, and has more yellow undertone than ivory. The ivory color is primarily white with a faint, less pronounced yellow hue than the cream color. Therefore, cream color can also be more accurately described as a yellow pastel color.

ivory vs cream

What Are the Different Shades of Ivory?

Like all colors, the color ivory comes in a variety of shades. The original hue can be tinted to become lighter or darker by using a solid gray. The color often gets darker when more black is added, and lighter when more white is added. You may see some of the different shades of ivory color below.

arcadia white, ivory white, and light ivory

Arcadia White (#F3F0E0)

A color off-white is called arcadia white. This color, which is also similar to ivory white color, has the ideal balance of color and brightness, helping to provide depth without seeming too yellow or peachy.

Ivory White (#F2EFDE)

This color can be defined as a light grayish-yellow which is closest complementary hue to this ivory tint. This color would go well with other warmer gray color options since it is a warmer color.

Light Ivory (#FFF8C9)

This specific shade is more yellow-based than ivory color, so it looks more like cream. It is a complementary color to light blue, which provides a sharp contrast. Light ivory color can work well in cosmetics and is a common color in cosmetics, it is typically used as a foundation's representative color, and is suitable for people with ivory color skin.

What Colors Go With Ivory Color?

Don't know what color goes with ivory for your projects? The color ivory is a neutral color that can match a wide range of shades. Let's take a look at the following color palettes and we believe they will inspire you!

  • Light Gray (#D3D3D3), Slate (#C0C2C9), Ivory
light gray, slate, and ivory
  • Lavender (#E6E6FA), Sage (#BCB88A), Ivory
lavender, sage, and ivory
  • Copper (#B87333), Teal (#008080), Ivory
copper, teal, and ivory
  • Taupe (#483C32), Tan (#D2B48C), Ivory
taupe, tan,and ivory

Analogous Color

Light peachy hues (#FFFBF2, #FFFCF0, #FFFEEF) and light mint hues, (#FAFFF2, #F5FFF5, #F1FFFA) are the three hues that are closest to ivory on the color wheel. These complement the fundamental ivory hue and are referred to as similar colors. This serene color palette is frequently utilized in wedding invitation designs.

analogous color for ivory

Monochromatic Color

This kind of color scheme consists of several hues and tones of a single base color. You can darken a color by adding black, or brighten a color by adding white. Ivory is a monochromatic color with the following RGB values: #FFFF00, #FFFFBD, #FFFFD7, #FFFFF0, #FFFFFF

monochromatic color of different shades

Common Applications of Ivory Color

Ivory Color for Interior Design

As a neutral color, ivory can be used well as an interior background and it is sure ivory is a color you can find in most homes. Because it is very light, it can complement any environment and any style. The ivory color goes well with anything from bohemian to industrial design.

Ivory Color for Clothing

In terms of clothing, ivory is a popular color, especially for wedding dresses. White can sometimes be too cold and bright, so today ivory color wedding dresses are more popular than white. Ivory is a more elegant color that offers the same clean feel as pure white but is warmer, calmer, and more luxurious than white.

Ivory Color for Graphic Design

Ivory is also widely used in graphic design, most commonly in wedding invitation design. Ivory symbolizes holiness, elegance, and luxury, and it is perfect to combine with gold to design wedding invitations.

vintage floral wedding invitation card

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You should now have a greater grasp of ivory color with this post, including its meaning, contrasting color, the graphic design used in Fotor, and more. Hope this post will be useful to you and inspire you on your projects.