Everything You Should Know About Seafoam Green

Summary: This is a post on the basic information about seafoam green, how to use it in your design and where to get it easily.

seafoam color and its hex code

Colors convey different meanings, and you can express your ideas by adding different colors in your artworks. You can use black and his variant colors w to convey darkness and despair; you can use colors like red and pink to express love and romance; but what colors should you use if you want to express vitality and hope?

Normally, we would like to use green to convey hope and vitality. You may have heard many green color names. But today we will share with you a new color that will brighten up your eyes --seafoam green.

What Is Seafoam Green?

plants on the seafoam green wall

Seafoam green is not the sea foam color. Instead, it's a color between blue and green. It's a soft greenish-blue color.which is actually different from the real sea foam.This color is usually a popular trending decorating color choice in the 1950s. As a fascinating color, it has captivated people for centuries.

Seafoam Green Color Code

Seafoam green has the hex code #9FE2BF. The RGB values are (159, 226, 191) which means it is composed of 28% red, 39% green and 33% blue. The CMYK color codes, used in printers, are C:30 M:0 Y:16 K:11. In the HSV/HSB scale, #9FE2BF has a hue of 149°, 30% saturation and a brightness value of 89%.

Spiritual Seafoam Green Meanings You Should Know

ocean waves with seafoam color

Seafoam green brings us a feeling of relaxation and ease. It also psychologically produces a feeling of health, freshness, growth, comfort and naturalness. It symbolizes youth, peace and security.

The color seafoam green is a symbol of life, rest and soothing, brings us a feeling of calm and stability and maintains the human psyche in an optimal state.

Seafoam green is a color that reminds people of natural things, which symbolizes exuberant vitality. It is a cheerful color that vividly and colorfully depicts the beautiful natural scenery and gives a visual impression of new life and freshness.

This color contains a small amount of blue, hiding the coldness of blue under the vividness of green, so it hides a kind of calmness and sanity under a vibrant scene, which can bring people a calm and refreshing feeling.

It represents calm, stable and comfortable mood. As a variation of green, seafoam green also represents health and gives people infinite hope for a healthy life and vitality of life, and can also be a symbol of happiness and pleasant mood.

Colors That Usually Goes With Seafoam Green in Your Design

seafoam green that goes with other colors

Seafoam Green and White

Both of these two colors are bright colors, and they can brighten up the whole design. But if you use only one bright color alone, it will make the whole design uninspired and boring. If you combine these two colors cleverly, your design will be bright and vibrant at the same time.

Seafoam Green and Cream

Seafoam green is a very bold color, and it is very conspicuous. Using this color alone will make the whole design too exaggerated. At this time, you can choose to add a little cream color in your design to neutralize it. This visual effect will not only make people feel comfortable, but also make people feel warm and comfortable.

Seafoam Green and Yellow

These two colors are neighbors on the color wheel, so these two colors do not jump out at you when paired together. Therefore, you can combine these two colors in your design to make your design not only understated, but also more creative.

Seafoam Green and Peach

By subtly combining these two colors together, you can create a quiet, peaceful and cozy atmosphere. The combination of the two can also give your design a visual impact with personality. The pairing of these two colors also does not create a sense of fragmentation, and maintains design continuity.

Benefits of Seafoam Green Color In Designs

seafoam green on the wood windows

Make Your Products Stand Out With Seafoam Green

As a trendy color of the season, seafoam green retains a soft characteristic while being eye-catching. As a shade color of green which symbolizes nature, this color can symbolize nature and at the same time give people a light and comfortable feeling. So if you are designing a product about nature and healthy living, you can use this color in your design.

Seafoam Green Creates Freshness for Your Home

The color seafoam green symbolizes freshness, comfort, nature, peace and security. You can use this color intelligently when designing your home. As one of the most popular colors in the 1950s, seafoam green paint was often used in home decorations to keep the warmth while connecting the home with nature and giving the home a more distinctive design. So now you can have a try to apply this color to your home.

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As a soft greenish-blue color, it is not easy for you to find and use seafoam green in your design directly. You may have to go for a special color website to get seafoam green color code and then apply it your design. At the same time, your color palette may not save this color, so you may repeat this operation to get it.

Now you can use Fotor color generator to easily get the seafoam green color you want while designing. Below we will share how to find seafoam green on Fotor color palette generator.

  1. Open Fotor to get started.
  2. Go and find the color palette of Fotor when you are editing the elements. Click on the color in the top toolbar. Then, click on the "+" below the Theme Colors. The color palette will pop up. Enter the hex code of seafoam green #9FE2BF, and you can get it easily.
  3. Then you can easily apply the seafoam green color in your design.

Fotor's color palette generator offers more colors than you expected. When you are looking for other colors you want, just follow the steps above to get them instantly.


In this blog, we have shared the information about the seafoam green. It is a soft greenish-blue color with the hex code #9FE2BF. This color can go with the many other colors such as cream, yellow, white and peach to make you desgin stunning. Moreover, this color carries the meaning of paece, comfort, nature, health and life.

Seafoam green can be applied in your products and home design. And we have shared how to get seafoam green easily when you are designing. Try Fotor's color palette generator to help you make your design eye-catching.