Everything You Should Know About Fuchsia Color

Summary: This is a post on the basic information about color fuchsia and where to get it easily.

blossoms with fuchsia color and its color hex code

Sometimes pink is not a good choice for your design, and purple is too flashy. So you need a more muted color between pink and purple -- Fuchsia color!

Maybe its your first time to hear about this color, or you know very little about it. Don't worry, we'll share with you what you should know about fuchsia color, from what it is, what it means to how to use it to create stunning pieces.

What Color Is Fuchsia?

Fuchsia is a color between pink and purple. It is brighter than pink, but softer than purple. It has the hex code #FF00FF, sharing it’s place with magenta in the RGB color model.

The name Fuchsia comes from the name of a plant. Fuchsia is a plant or a small blush that has pink, purple, or white flowers. It is named by a French botanist, Charles Plumier, after the 16th-century German botanist Leonhart Fuchs.

Shades and Variations of Fuchsia Color

shades of color fuchsia

French Fuchsia

French Fuchsia has the hex code #FD3F92. The equivalent RGB values are (253, 63, 146), which means it is composed of 55% red, 14% green and 32% blue.

It is the tone of fuchsia called fuchsia in a color list popular in France.

Fuchsia Purple

Color fuchsia purple has the hex code #CC397B. It is not a web color and can only be used in HTML and CSS code with its hex, RGB, CMYK or HSB values.

Fuchsia Rose

Its hex code is #C74375. Fuchsia rose is the color that can only be used in HTML and CSS code with its hex, RGB, CMYK and HSB values.

Deep Fuchsia

Deep Fuchsia has the hex code #C154C1. The equivalent RGB values are (193, 84, 193), which means it is composed of 41% red, 18% green and 41% blue.

It is the color that is called fuchsia in the List of Crayola crayon colors, so this color is not a web color and can only be used in HTML and CSS code with its hex, RGB, CMYK or HSB values.

Antique Fuchsia

Antique Fuchsia has the hex code #915C83. The equivalent RGB values are (145, 92, 131), which means it is composed of 39% red, 25% green and 36% blue.

This color is described in the Plochere color system used widely by interior designers.

Spiritual Meanings You Should Know About Fuchsia Color

clouds with fuchsia color

Every color has its own unique meaning. When it comes to fuchsia color, it conveys the meaning of confidence, assertiveness and maturity. With its bright appearance, fuchsia makes you feel young, joyful and uplifted.

Fuchsia color is used to represent passion and love. Generally, it is seen as a color used to make your gifts romatic. Moreover, fuchsia color is a good choice to show your happiness or your sense of achievement.

However, this color also conveys the negative meaning. Some people use it to express their depression, because this color can stimulate the feeling of despair when you are in trouble or anxiety. Besides, it is a symbol of arrogance and superiority when using excessive fuchsia color.

Make an Eye-Catching Design With Fuchsia Color

fuchsia color dress

Fuchsia color is a very beautiful and splendid color with a hint of softness. It is a very symbolic color that you can use boldly in your designs to make them stand out.

You can use fuchsia in your marketing. This color can inject fun into your marketing, impress your customers and subconsciously expand your brand awareness, thus to boost business development.

Using fuchsia for product design is also a good choice. As a more feminine color, fuchsia can help you open up the market to female consumers. You can creatively combine this color with clothing, lipsticks, handbags and other decorative items to stimulate consumption.

Create Stunning Effects With Fuchsia Color in Fotor’s Color Palette

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Start Designing Now

As a color between pink and purple, sometimes you can't find this color directly when designing. You may go to a special color website to get the color code and then apply the color to your design. At the same time, your color palette may not save this color, so you may repeat this operation to get the fuchsia color.

Now you can use color palette generators to easily get the fuchsia color you want while designing. Below we will share how to find fuchsia on Fotor's color palette generator.

add fuchsia color in free color palette of Fotor
  1. Open Fotor to get started.
  2. Go and find the color palette of Fotor when you are editing the elements. Click on the color in the top toolbar. Then, click on the "+" below the Theme Colors. The color palette will pop up. Enter the hex code of color fuchsia #FF00FF, and you can get it easily.
  3. Then you can easily apply the fuchsia color in your design.

Fotor's color palette generator offers more colors than you expected. When you are looking for other colors you want, just follow the steps above to get them instantly.


In this blog, we have shared the information about the color fushsia. It is named after the plant fuchsia. This color has a variety of shades and variations, such as french fuchsia, deep fuchsia and fuchsia purple. Moreover, this color conveys many emotions. It is joyful, uplifting and young, but at the same time it can be the symbol of arrogance.

Fuchsia color is a good choice to be applied in the design to boost business. And we have shared how to get fuchsia color easily when you are designing. Try Fotor's color palette generator to help you make your design stand out.