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Make color palette from image instantly with Fotors color palette generator

Instantly Create Color Palette From Image

Creating your own color palette from an image with Fotor's color palette generator is fast and simple. All you need to do is upload an image, use the eyedropper tool to pick colors from the image, and you'll see the color HEX codes immediately. You can also zoom in on the image to make your color selections more accurate. Color extraction works for both JPEGs and PNGs.

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Make a brand color palette from company logo picture

Generate Brand Color Palettes With Ease

Keeping your marketing materials consistent with your branding is important. With Fotor’s color palette generator, you can quickly extract colors from your brand logo and create a custom color palette. Then incorporate this brand color palette when designing your marketing materials, such as flyers, posters, social media graphics, etc. Maintaining a cohesive visual brand identity is simpler.

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Make wedding color palettes with Fotor's free online color palette generator

Discover Wedding Color Palettes For Your Big Day

The first step in creating a beautiful wedding aesthetic is to choose your wedding colors. Need some help finding the best color schemes for your wedding ceremony? Fotor's wedding color palette generator has you covered. Take advantage of it to finalize your wedding color palette or find some good color combinations!

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Use Fotor to create color schemes for mood board

Create Beautiful Color Schemes for Your Mood Board

Mood boards are great for visualizing and expressing ideas. Fotor’s color palette generator lets you quickly find an aesthetic color palette that matches your mood board's tone and style. Moreover, Fotor offers a library of ready-to-use mood board templates, backgrounds, fonts, and graphics. You can easily create a mood board to convey your ideas in a visual way!

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Fotor photo editor interface

How to Make a Color Palette From an Image?

  • You can quickly get a color palette from any image using Fotor’s free online color palette generator. Start by uploading an image to Fotor, and then click the eyedropper icon in the top toolbar to open the color picker tool.
  • Then move your cursor over the photo and click on a color you want to use to create a color palette. Fotor's color palette maker will instantly show you the HEX color code for that color.
  • Afterward, save the color to create a custom palette. It’s that simple!
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