All You Want to Know About Scarlet Color: Meaning, Combinations and Palettes

Summary: In this article, we shared scarlet color meaning, symbol, similar colors, palettes and how to use scarlet color in graphic work to give you more scarlet color design ideas after reading.

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Scarlet is a bright red color, and it is warm orange shade that looks like a burning flame. It represents enthusiasm, energy and is officially defined as a color that "exudes confidence and determination" and scarlet is the color that makes people feel happy.

Vibrant and eye-catching, color of scarlet will make any design stand out due to its high visibility and is used in a wide range of designs. In this article, we will introduce everything you need to know about scarlet so you can use this color in your designs as well.

What Color Is Scarlet?

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In the CMYK color space, scarlet hex code #FF2400 contains 0% cyan, 86% magenta, 100% yellow and 0% black. Scarlet has a hue angle of 8.5 degrees, 100% saturation and 50% luminance.

The color scarlet has religious connotations because the scarlet color meaning is the blood of Christ and the Christian martyrs. This is why it is commonly used in the clothing of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church. On the one hand, the scarlet red indicates religion, devotion and sacrifice, but on the other hand, it is also associated with passion, energy, warmth and confidence.

Scarlet VS Red Color

Scarlet color code is #ff2700 while red is #ff0000. Scarlet is a bright red with hints of orange. It falls between red and orange on the standard color wheel. In the Middle Ages, scarlet was also the name of a brilliant red fabric. The use of scarlet as a color name dates back to 1250 when it was first used in English.

What Does Scarlet Color Represent?

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Scarlet red and other vibrant reds are the colors most associated with courage, strength, heat and joy. Scarlet has always been associated with power, money and elegance, as people of higher status in ancient Rome wore scarlet color cloaks.

Scarlet is mentioned several times in the bible, and the cardinals of the Catholic Church used to wear large red garments because the scarlet bible meaning is the blood of Jesus Christ and the Christian martyrs.

Scarlet red is a symbol of flaunting your abilities, passion and desire for life, and color of scarlet also symbol a character of inspiration that stimulates one to action. Therefore, many fast-food restaurants usually choose scarlet red as a decorative background to encourage consumers to eat quickly.

Shades of Scarlet Color

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Ferrari Red (#ff2400)

Ferrari Red (#e62000)

International Orange (#cc1d00)

Rufous (#b31900)

Rufous (#991600)

Barn Red (#801200)

Similar Color of Scarlet

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The red series of colors are widely used, and in addition to scarlet, there are many similar and very popular colors that can be used in your design.

Blood Red (#bb0a1e)

Crimson (#dc143c)

Dark Red (#8b0000)

Maroon (#800000)

Blood Orange (#cc1100)

Scarlet Color Palettes

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Scarlet is widely used because of its qualities, and a variety of scarlet color combinations have been widely acclaimed. Here are some scarlet color palettes that you can take inspiration to color-match your work.

  • Scarlet Orange Color Palette: To create a bolder design, scarlet was combined with yellow and orange for maximum visibility.
  • Purple Scarlet Color Palette: For a warmer, more romantic palette, combine it with soft purple tones.
  • Scarlet Grey Color Palette: Combines scarlet reds with neutral tones to downplay their aggressive character and form a sophisticated palette.
  • Scarlet Blue Color Palette: Blue is the complementary color of red, you can choose a strong blue to create a contrasting design, you can also choose soft blue to make a combination to make people feel happy.
  • Scarlet Pink Color Palette: The use of pink to match with scarlet can neutralize the characteristics of the two colors, so that the pink is not so bland and let the scarlet become soft and natural.
  • Scarlet Rainbow Color Palette: Our scarlet rainbow palette is based on the RGB model and consists of 7 colors, just like a traditional rainbow. You can adjust the color shades to achieve different styles of rainbow scarlet color palettes.

Create Fabulous Graphic Design Using Scarlet Color

Fotor’s palette generator is an on-line color matching tool supported by AI technology. You can get scarlet color at once using the Fotor's palette generator. At the same time, it will bring up the applicable colors for you to examine and choose.

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Fotor's palette generator can help you solve color matching problems and you can save the desired colors to the palette generator so that you can use them next time. Here are the detailed steps for you to use the color generator in Fotor:

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  2. Click the element for which you want to change the color, and you will see the color that the element now uses and the color menu will be displayed on the left.
  3. Click new color to use the color picker. In the color picker, you can select any color you like from the spectrum, or if you know the hex color code for the desired color, you can type the hex color code in the box.
  4. When you choose a color, you will find that some parts of your design have changed.
  5. For convenience, you can click the star icon to save the color to your favorites.
  6. Now you've finished your work with scarlet color. Click Download and you can choose the file type you want to download.
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In this article, we’ve introduced about the scarlet color meaning, symbol, codes, similar colors, palettes, and how to use scarlet color in picture design. And recommended the effective Fotor's coloration palette to get the scarlet shade for your work.

A top fashion designer needs to understand extra hues and coloration palettes to use in design. We hope this scarlet color tutorial can convey to you some scarlet coloration thoughts for your design!