Everything About Lilac Color: Meaning, Symbol, Combination and Design

Summary: This article shared lilac color meaning, symbol, combinations, design, and how to use lilac color in graphic work to give you more lilac color design ideas after reading.

Do you want to add a gentle lilac color to your next creative design? Whether you are pursuing perfect soft sense or looking for soft atmosphere, lilac color is one of the colors you can choose. But do you really know about lilac color?

Lilac color was first used in the 18th century and have incredibly long history. For centuries, this charming hue has attracted the audience and established itself as a unique color. In this article, I will introduce the lilac color to you and hope it can bring you new design ideas.

What Color is Lilac?

The name "Lilac" was first used in 1775. This color is named after petite flowers of the same name. Lilacs are categorized as a lighter shade of purple and also a light violet color that represents the average color of most lilac flowers which is also representing innocence, youth, spirituality, and serenity.

Lilacs are made from a mixture of blue and red. Like other purple/purple tones, lilac mixes blue and red to form a both cold and warm tone. Both lavender and lilac are shades of purple and violet, but lavender has a bluish tint, while lilac has a pinkish tint.

Lilac owns a creative, attractive energy, gently which attract the eyes of the audience, giving people a almost dreamy feeling. Color theory usually associates Lilac with sensitivity, charm, compassion, freedom and calm aesthetics.

What Does the Lilac Color Represent?

lilac colors

Lilac is a color with imperial history. Because the color of purple was very expensive at 18th century, it became associated with wealth and power. Its connection with flowers means that it is often associated with romance and emotion. Like other soft tones, it can be reminiscent of innocence, youth, or nostalgia.

Lilac is considered to be an elegant color for women. Lilacs are usually strongly associated with female traits, such as caring, emotion, and upbringing. According to color psychology, Lilac is considered to be a soothing color which can encourages emotional expression, because Lilac color can convey a gentle and calm feeling.

In the language of love, lilacs are given at the beginning of courtship, symbolizing the first emotion of love. So sending lilac to a loved one represents her feelings in full love.

What Color Go with Lilac?

combination of lilac and blue

Lilac is the color between pink and bright purple. Because lilac color is very soft, it can be well contrasted with strong colors, such as orange, yellow, olive green, and so on. It can also combine with similar purple, and pink to match, which will also be very harmonious.

Lilac color in the vision has always given people a comfortable feeling, collocating with white will give a fresh and natural sense. Lilac and yellow are complementary colors, When combine them together, it creates a sense of visual pleasure. while lilac and light orange are adjacent colors. When they combine together, it can produce a retro feeling.

Matching lilac with blue-purple or reddish-purple will give people a soft sense of nostalgia. Combine lilac with fuchsia, magenta, and Catharanthus roseus to create a cool purple monochrome scheme.

Lilac Color in Design 

lilac color design

Whether you are a professional graphic designer or an amateur artist, finding the right color is crucial to the completion of your graphic work. Lilac color is a good example. This soft color is a popular choice for many designers and customers.

If you like pink color but want more charming feelings, lilac color is the best choice. Because purple is ethereal, romantic, eager, and pink is a cute and energetic color, the combination of the two color can give the design a different romantic and gentle sense.

At the same time, due to the many characteristics of lilac color, designers have more room to design. A bold attempt will make your design more outstanding!

Create Fabulous Graphic Using Lilac Color

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design image into lilac color in fotor


In this blog, we share about the lilac color meaning, symbol, combinations, lilac design, and how to use lilac color in graphic work. And recommended the powerful Fotor's color palette to pick a lilac color for your work. A good designer needs to know more colors and color palettes to use in design. We hope that the information above can help solve your lilac color problems!