Color Matcher Online Free

Match your colors perfectly with the color matcher online in Fotor. Our color picker makes it easy for you to find the accurate color match for your designs.

Use color matcher of fotor to pick color from a beach photo and make a color palette
Pick color from a yellow butterfly picture and make a color palette in fotor color matcher

Easy to Find the Perfect Color Match from Image

Gone are the days of guessing and hoping for the best when it comes to color matching. With Fotor's color matcher, you can effortlessly find the perfect color match from any image. Our intuitive image color picker allows you to simply upload an image, select a specific area, and you will see the color HEX codes immediately. Instantly generate a color palette that harmonizes with your chosen image. Say goodbye to manual color selection and hello to precision and accuracy.

Pick Colors from Image
Make a color palette in fotor color matcher and use it for poster design project

Get Color Matching to Design with Confidence

Designing with confidence has never been this accessible. Fotor's color matcher is designed to help you find the perfect color match for your design project empowering you to match colors from images with ease. Whether you're designing a poster, creating marketing materials, or planning a home renovation, having a perfectly matched color palette at your fingertips will boost your confidence and the overall impact of your work. With rich colors to choose from, you can be sure that you'll find the perfect match every time.

Pick Colors from Image
Customize three different color palettes in fotor color matcher

Color Matcher to Effortlessly Customize Your Own Color Palette

Not only does Fotor's color matcher help you find the ideal colors from images, but it also allows you to customize and create your own unique color palettes with our color palette generator. You can tweak and refine the selected colors to suit your specific design needs. The color finder is perfect for those who want to add a personal touch to their projects or need to align colors with brand guidelines.

Pick Colors from Image
Create a colorful color palette in fotor

How to Use the Color Matcher Online

  • Upload Your Image. Click the “Pick Colors from Image” button and upload the image from which you want to extract colors.
  • Select Your Colors. Click on the Color toolbox in the upper left corner of the canvas and then click on "New Color", to find our color picker.
  • Use the color picker tool to select the areas in the image from which you want to extract colors. You can pick as many or as few colors as you like.
  • Refine Your Palette. Customize and refine the color palette by adjusting the shades and hues to your liking. This step allows you to create a truly unique color scheme.
  • Save and Apply. Once you're satisfied with your color palette, save it for future reference or directly apply it to your design project.
Pick Colors from Image