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Mix colors and see the color combination results in Fotor’s color mixer.

Effortlessly blend and generate the colors you need for every visual design.

Use fotor online color mixer to combine three colors into one
Create purple and blue color using fotor online color mixer

Create Custom Colors as Needed with Color Mixer

Find the color inharmonious in your design? Give our color mixer a try to achieve the perfect hues for your visuals. Simply input the color codes for two or more shades in our color mixing wheel, adjust their quantities and proportions, and you can instantly preview the blended color result. And all the color information is available for your reference in our color blender!

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Use the combined yellow color to design logo in fotor

Color Blender for Every Unique Brand Design

Level up your brand color palette identity with our online color mixing tool! Whether it’s for brand web, logo or promotion and marketing brochure design, you’ll always need captivating and distinctive colors to resonate with your brand’s story and essence.

Our color blender is your best tool to experiment, preview, and get the perfect unique and distinctive brand color. Now use our color mixer generator to refine your brand’s visual presence to leave them ever-lasting impression!

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Three custom color palettes made with fotor online color mixer

Mix Colors to Easily Customize Your Own Color Palette

More than that, you can make a custom color palette with those mixed colors from our online color mixer. Fotor offers you easy access to a custom color palette generator, and you can easily create visual designs with unique and creative color palettes in the color combiner. Just blend colors, and save your mixed colors to customize your own color palette!

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Explore Trendy Colors for Color Mixing

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Create pink color using fotor online color mixer

How to Make Colors in Color Mixer?

  • Click the “Mix Colors Now” button to switch to our color mixer online.
  • Input the color codes of two or more in our color mixing chart, and our color mixer generator will output the blended color result.
  • And all the information of the mixed color will be available in our color blender tool.
  • Save the mixed color to make your own color palette for visual designs.
Mix Colors Now

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