Ultimate Guide to Nude Color: Meaning, Hex Code, Shades, Color Schemes, and Application

the ultimate guide to nude color

Nude is a non-aggressive color. It will not steal the limelight of any color, and it can be harmoniously matched with any color. Both are fresher than black and sexier than white. It occupies an important position in graphic design and daily color matching.

This article will introduce nude color in detail, including its meaning, hexadecimal code, color information, shades, color schemes, and practical application. Hope it can help you use nude color better in your future designs.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Nude Color?
  2. Information about Nude / #e3bc9a
  3. Various Shades of Nude Color
  4. What Color Goes with Nude?
  5. Applications of Nude Color

What is Nude Color?

The nude color is a mix of brown and white that is close to beige. Its hex code is #e3bc9a.

Nude colors come from sensual lips, face, and body, and are close to skin tone. It is named after the skin of the Caucasian people centered in Western Europe.

This shade is elegant, functional, sophisticated, timeless, and modest. Its warm undertones bring comfort and warmth. At the same time, it is thin and transparent, revealing a subtle sexy charm inadvertently.

As a neutral shade, nude is the perfect accent color for any other shade on the color wheel, especially black or dark brown shades. In terms of hue and color temperature, it is similar to the surrounding colors, and it is a very pleasing and comfortable color. Pure and fresh colors such as flesh color, beige, and light pink belong to the nude color series.

nude color e3bc9a

Information about Nude / #e3bc9a

In the RGB color space, #e3bc9a consists of 89.02% red, 73.73% green, and 60.39% blue, with a decimal value of 227 for red, 188 for green, and 154 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 17.18% magenta, 32.16% yellow, and 10.98% black.

grb information of nude color e3bc9a

Color Conversion

The decimal RGB values of #e3bc9a are R:227, G:188, B:154. CMYK values are C: 0.0, M: 17.182, Y: 32.159, K: 10.98.

RGB 227, 188, 154 XYZ 55.494, 54.632, 38.192
Percentage 89.02%, 73.73%, 60.39% xyY 0.374, 0.368, 54.632
Hex e3bc9a CIE-LAB 78.829, 9.156, 22.45
Decimal 14924954 CIE-LUV 78.829, 27.138, 29.251
Binary 11100011,10111100,10011010 CIE-LCH/LCHab 78.829, 24.245, 67.812
CMYK 0.0, 17.182, 32.159, 10.98 CIE-LUV/LCHuv 78.829, 39.901, 47.146
CMYK percentage 0%, 17%, 32%, 11% Hunter-Lab 73.914, 4.669, 21.104
CMY 0.11, 0.263, 0.396 YIQ 195.785, 34.1643, -2.3323
CMY percentage 11%, 26%, 40% YUV 195.785, -20.56019, 27.38534
HSL 27.95°, 56.59, 74.71 Web Safe Color #cccc99
HSV (or HSB) 27.95°, 32.159, 89.02 Color name Nude

Various Shades of Nude Color

Nude also has many shades. There are some subtle differences between them. Some shades are brighter, while others are softer. Below we describe them in detail and attach the hex codes to help you better understand the colors involved.

Nude Brown Color #bc9e82

The nude brown color is a bit darker than the nude color and is a medium-light shade.

In the RGB color space, #bc9e82 consists of 73.73% red, 61.96% green, and 50.98% blue, with a decimal value of 188 for red, 158 for green, and 130 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 15.96% magenta, 30.85% yellow, and 26.27% black.

nude brown color bc9e82

Pink Nude Color #ddc0b4

The pink nude color is a warm color.

In the RGB color space, #ddc0b4 consists of 86.67% red, 75.29% green, and 70.59% blue, with a decimal value of 221 for red, 192 for green, and 180 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 13.12% magenta, 18.55% yellow, and 13.33% black.

pink nude color ddc0b4

Light Nude Color #e6ddd8

The light nude color is lighter than the nude and can be used as an alternative to white.

In the RGB color space, #e6ddd8 consists of 90.2% red, 86.67% green, and 84.71% blue, with a decimal value of 230 for red, 221 for green, and 216 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 3.91% magenta, 6.09% yellow, and 9.8% black.

light nude color e6ddd8

Nude Beige Color #cab9a7

The nude beige color is a calming, soothing color. It brings some relief to the turbulent people.

In the RGB color space, #cab9a7 consists of 79.22% red, 72.55% green, and 65.49% blue, with a decimal value of 202 for red, 185 for green, and 167 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 8.42% magenta, 17.33% yellow, and 20.78% black.

nude beige color cab9a7

Dark Nude Color #ccb3a3

The dark nude color is the darker color in the nude color system. It is a very flattering and comfortable color.

In the RGB color space, dark nude color consists of 80.0% red, 70.2% green, and 63.92% blue, with a decimal value of 204 for red, 179 for green, and 163 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 12.26% magenta, 20.1% yellow and 20.0% black.

dark nude color ccb3a3

What Color Goes with Nude?

The following are color combinations that work well with nude. Learn about them to better design with nude color.

Complementary Colors

A complementary color combination is composed using two colors opposite each other on the color wheel. The complement of #e3bc9a is #9ac1e3. The complementary color palette is the easiest to use.

complementary color of e3bc9a and 9ac1e3

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are a group of colors adjacent to each other on a color wheel. The analogous colors of nude color #e3bc9a are #e39a9c and #d3e39a. They are extremely soothing to the eyes and work wonders.

analogous colors of e3bc9a, e39a9c, and d3e39a

Split-Complementary Color

The split-Complementary color combination contains three colors, base color and secondary colors of complementary color. As per the RGB color wheel, the split-complementary colors of #e3bc9a are #9a9ce3 and #9ae3e0.

split-complementary colors of e3bc9a, 9a9ce3, and 9ae3e0

Triadic Color

#e3bc9a, #bc9ae3 and #9ae3bc form a triadic color palette. They provide maximum variation in hue and bring the best contrast.

triadic color palette of e3bc9a, bc9ae3 and 9ae3bc

Tetradic Color

The tetradic color scheme is composed of two sets of complementary colors in a rectangular shape on the color wheel. #e3bc9a, #e39ac1, #9ae3bc, and #9ac1e3 form a tetradic color palette.

tetradic color palette of e3bc9a, e39ac1, 9ae3bc, and 9ac1e3

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic colors belong to the same hue angle but different tints and shades.

monochromatic colors of nude

Application of Nude Color

Due to its neutral hue, nude is a ubiquitous color in beauty and fashion. It can also sometimes be seen indoors in use. With the growing recognition of diversity, the nude color is being used in more and more places.

Nude Color Nails

Nude color nails perfectly match your skin tone, giving the illusion of longer, smoother fingers and nails. Like a white T-shirt and jeans, it will never go out of style. Plus, nude color nails are very easy to match with your usual outfits.

nude color nails

Nude Color Dress

The nude color dress is really nice and looks very advanced. Because the nude color is similar to the color of the skin, it can increase the overall fashion sense and make people sexier. At the same time, the fashion matching of this nude color can also form a small visual difference.

a woman with nude color dress

Nude Color Wallpaper

Nude color wallpaper can create a feeling of happiness, joy, and tranquility. Paired with white curtains, the effect will be even better. It can add a warm and romantic atmosphere to the house.

a man stand before nude color wallpaper

Nude Color Lipstick

Nude color lipstick can make lips more glossy, and achieve the functions of moisturizing, protecting lips, increasing facial beauty, and correcting lip contours.

Natural nude color lips can highlight the eye makeup and make the lip peaks more full. For people with dark lip color, nude color lipstick can cover the original lip color, enhance the brightness and increase the temperament.

If you don't know if you are suitable for a nude lipstick, you can use Fotor's online makeup tool. Just upload your photo, click "beauty", find "Lip Tint", and choose the nude color. Then, you can quickly see how you look with nude lip color.

nude color lipstick

Nude Color Background

Nude color backgrounds can highlight the subject of the picture very well. Look no further for a natural nude background. With Fotor's background removal tool, you can quickly turn your photo background into a nude color.

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Create a Design

Open Fotor, upload your photo, and click the "Background Remover" button. Our tool automatically removes the background. Click "Change Color" to choose the nude color. Then a picture with a nude color background would be fine.

create a women picture with nude color background in fotor

Summing Up

The nude is a very flattering and comfortable color. It makes it easier for people to match clothes, furniture, and designs. That's all there is to know about nude color, from the definition and nude color schemes to practical application. Hope it can help you better understand and apply nude color.