Ultimate Guide to Mauve Color: 2024

Ultimate Guide to Mauve Color 2023

Mauve is a very trendy color and a bluish purple overall. Using it can help you complete your graphic art work better.

In this article, we'll take an in-depth introduction to Mauve color, including its meaning, specific color information, color schemes, and applications.

Table of Contents

  1. What Color is Mauve?
  2. Information about Mauve / #E0B0FF
  3. Various Shades of Mauve
  4. What are the Colors that Go with Mauve?
  5. Application of Mauve Color
  6. Summing Up

What Color is Mauve?

Mauve belongs to the purple family. It is a soft light purple with grey and blue tones.

Its name is from the mallow flower - the French word for "Malva". It was discovered and widely used by British chemist William Perkin in 1856.

The hex code for Mauve color is #E0B0FF. Between pink and purple on the color wheel.

Mauve is a dreamy color that represents romance and nostalgia. It can evoke a lot of imagination and emotions in people. Additionally, it complements yellow and lime green. This makes the use of Mauve color more extensive and varied.

mauve color e0b0ff

Information about Mauve / #E0B0FF

In the RGB color space, #E0B0FF consists of 87.84% red, 69.02% green, and 100.0% blue, with a decimal value of 224 for red, 176 for green, and 255 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 12.16% cyan, 30.98% magenta, 0.0% yellow and 0.0% black. The closest websafe color is #CC99FF.

rgb information about mauve

Color Conversion

The decimal color #E0B0FF has RGB values of R: 224, G: 176, and B: 255. CMYK values are C: 12.157, M: 30.98, Y: 0.0, K: 0.0.

RGB 224, 176, 255 XYZ 64.313, 54.119, 101.66
Percentage 87.84%, 69.02%, 100.0% xyY 0.292, 0.246, 54.119
Hex e0b0ff CIE-LAB 78.531, 31.497, -32.491
Decimal 14725375 CIE-LUV 78.531, 20.389, -57.11
Binary 11100000, 10110000, 11111111 CIE-LCH/LCHab 78.531, 45.252, 314.11
CMYK 12.157, 30.98, 0.0, 0.0 CIE-LUV/LCHuv 78.531, 60.641, 289.647
CMYK percentage 12%, 31%, 0%, 0% Hunter-Lab 73.566, 27.31, -30.437
CMY 0.122, 0.31, 0.0 YIQ 199.358, 3.2205, 34.7368
CMY percentage 12%, 31%, 0% YUV 199.358, 27.38352, 21.61921
HSL 276.45°, 100.0, 84.51 Web Safe Color #cc99ff
HSV (or HSB) 276.45°, 30.98, 100.0 Color name Mauve

Various Shades of Mauve

Mauve also has many shades. There are some subtle differences between them. Some shades are brighter, while others are softer. Below we describe them in detail and attach the hex codes to help you better understand the colors involved.

Heather Mauve Color #A14189

The heather mauve color takes its name from the heather flowers found in the Scottish moors. It is a natural purple that pairs well with other shades that appear in the wild. Heather purple represents beauty, luck, and admiration, but also protection and loneliness.

In the RGB color space, #A14189 consists of 63.14% red, 25.49% green, and 53.73% blue, with a decimal value of 161 for red, 65 for green, and 137 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 59.63% magenta, 14.91% yellow, and 36.86% black.

heather mauve color a14189

Light Mauve Color #C292A1

The light mauve color is mainly a color from the red series. It represents warmth.

In the RGB color space, #C292A1 consists of 76.08% red, 57.25% green, and 63.14% blue, with a decimal value of 194 for red, 146 for green, and 161 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 24.74% magenta, 17.01% yellow, and 23.92% black.

light mauve color c292a1

Mauve Pink Color #C77398

The mauve pink color is a saturated, muted, fun fuchsia with magenta undertones. It can be paired with a dark charcoal or black.

In the RGB color space, #C77398 consists of 78.04% red, 45.1% green, and 59.61% blue, with a decimal value of 199 for red, 115 for green, and 152 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 42.21% magenta, 23.62% yellow, and 21.96% black.

mauve pink color c77398

Dark Mauve Color #874C62

The dark mauve color is reddish purple. It has medium brightness and medium saturation.

In the RGB color space, #874C62 consists of 52.94% red, 29.8% green, and 38.43% blue, with a decimal value of 135 for red, 76 for green, and 98 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 43.7% magenta, 27.41% yellow, and 47.06% black.

dark mauve color 874c62

Rose Mauve Color #AF9690

The rose mauve color is based on a brown color. It is a mixture of red and orange and also a very warm color.

In the RGB color space,#AF9690 consists of 68.63% red, 58.82% green, and 56.47% blue, with a decimal value of 175 for red, 150 for green, and 144 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 14.28% magenta, 17.71% yellow, and 31.37% black.

rose mauve color af9690

Purple Mauve Color #604B62

The purple mauve color, also known as purple lotus (2072-30) color, belongs to the purple color family. It is a deep shade of color saturation and a part of the Benjamin Moore Color Preview series.

In the RGB color space, #604B62 consists of 37.65% red, 29.41% green, and 38.43% blue, with a decimal value of 96 for red, 75 for green, and 98 for blue. In the CMKY color space, it consists of 2.04% cyan, 23.47% magenta, 0.0% yellow, and 61.57% black.

purple mauve color 604b62

What are the Colors that Go with Mauve?

The following are color combinations that work well with Mauve. Learn about them to better design with Mauve color.

Complementary Colors

Chartreuse #CFFFB0 and Mauve #E0B0FF are opposite colors on the color wheel. Putting the two of them together will be very attractive to the audience and also highlights the key points very well.

complementary colors of cfffb0 and e0b0ff

Analogous Colors

Pale pink #FFB0F7, mauve blue (#B9B0FF) and Mauve #E0B0FF are very similar colors. Combining the three of them together will not be particularly abrupt, and can also express a harmonious and soft feeling. This is a very gentle way of matching.

analogous colors ffb0f7, b9b0ff and e0b0ff

Medium Color Difference

medium color difference of b0fff0, e0b0ff, and ffb0e3

Split Complementary

split complementary of b0ffb9, e0b0ff, and f7ffb0

Regular Triangle (Ternary) Color Matching

color matching of b0ffe0, e0b0ff, and ffe0b0

Rectangular (Quaternary) Color Matching

color matching of e0b0ff,b0cfff, cfffb0, ffe0b0

Square (Quaternary) Color Matching

color matching of e0b0ff,b0f6ff, ffb8b0, ffb8b0

Monochromatic Colors

monochromatic colors

Application of Mauve Color

The application of mauve is very extensive. With Fotor's online photo editor and design tool, you can use it in your designs and images.

Mauve Hair Color

Open Fotor's hair color changer and upload your photo. Our tool will automatically recognize your hair. Choose a mauve color. Then your hair will turn mauve. Use our hair color tester to see if light purple hair is right for you before dyeing your hair.

Mauve Color Lipstick

Turn your lip color into Mauve with our online makeup tool. Open Fotor, upload your photo, find lipstick under beauty tools, and select a mauve color. Drag the slider to adjust the size of the brush, hold down the mouse and slide it over your lips. This way you can easily try a Mauve color lipstick.

Mauve Color Poster

Fotor's poster maker allows you to design posters with complete freedom. In addition to the pre-preset poster templates, there are many sticker icons and fonts. Thanks to the built-in color wheel, you can set your poster background color to Mauve color, as well as fonts or icons to Mauve. All in all, it's a breeze to design with Mauve color in your posters.

wedding poster using mauve color

Summing Up

The above is all about the introduction of Mauve. Everything from definitions, specific color information, and color schemes to practical application in Fotor. Hope it can make you better use Mauve color to create.