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Fotor's free online color changer provides a perfect experience for changing image color in a few seconds, you can finish your ideas of color replacement and share them online.

Replace the background color of a tree image to another

Change Color of Hair, Nail even Background

Original woman image
Change the hair color of women

Based on the powerful AI technology Fotor's image color changer allows a specific color replacement for image details. It's easy to change hair color and nail color, as well as change image background color accurately and efficiently. Fotor's color changer can change color of image to offer more possibilities for your photos.

Change background color of woman image

Color Replacement Gives the Image a New Look

Changing color of picture and give the photo a new feeling with online image color changer by Fotor.

Our color changer helps to restore the original color of the photo and replace the unwanted color. The designers always recolor image to attract the attention of the viewer. Use Fotor's free online color changer to experience image recolor today!

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change the background color of boy image by fotor's color change tool

Change Color with More Customizations

Fotor's picture color changers support more personalized settings by adjusting the parameters of "Hue" "saturation" and "lightness" to achieve the color change effect as needed in order to match the designer's color aesthetic and artistic pursuit.

Proper color replacement in the image will make your design stand out and you can use other editing tools in the free online editor Fotor to decorate and beautify your image.

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How to Replace Color in Image?

  • Click the "Replace Colour Now" button to open the color change page.
  • Upload your image by clicking "Open Image" or dragging and dropping it to the editing area.
  • Click "HSL" and choose a color to modify.
  • Adjust strength of "Hue", "Saturation", "Lightness" for chosen color.
  • When you're finished, click the "Download" button at the top right corner to save your image.
Replace Colour Now

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