Change Background Color of a Photo Online Instantly

Remove image background and replace with a brand-new color with Fotor’s background color changer. Upload and change background color of photo online for free!

Fotor online background color changer

One-Click Background Color Changer

It can be difficult and time-consuming to change background color in Photoshop. Luckily, with Fotor's background color changer, it takes only one click to change an image's background color. Simply upload your image, and Fotor will automatically remove background from image. You can then quickly and easily change photo background to blue, red, black or even multi-color if you like. No technical skills are needed at all.

Change Background Color Now
Remove female portrait background and change background color to while and blue

Effortlessly Achieve Professional & Qualified Photo Background Color

Enhance the professionalism of your official identification photos by perfecting the background color. Whether you are desiring a white background for passport photo or blue background for your driver’s license, you can experience the fast, manual-free, and high-quality image background color change. Our photo background color changer ensures the precision and qualification of your photo's background color. Elevate your photo background color with outstanding results!

Change Background Color Now
Remove headphone background and change background color to white and black

Let Background Colors Boost Product Visual Appeal

Background colors matter a lot to product images, as you need to focus and highlight the product itself. Change the image background color and elevate visual appeal with a white or black background color, enhancing contrast, precision, and details. Even add impressive background color to make your product photos look professional and eye-catching. Let Fotor background color changer transform your product images in no time!

Change Background Color Now
Remove female background and change bg color to gradient blue and red

Go Beyond with Impressive Background Color for Portraits

Make your portraits stunning with a vibrant or breathtaking background color, especially your profile pictures. Let color show your personality and enhance your presence. Choose from list of background color options, warm for excitement and cold-tone for calmness. Even change your photo background with a gradient color to add a personal touch!

Change Background Color Now

How to Change Background Color of a Picture?

  • Changing a picture's background color is super easy and fast using Fotor’s online background color changer. Simply click the "Change Background Color Now" button on this page.
  • Click "Open Image" to upload the picture you want to change background color. Or directly drag the photo to the editing area.
  • Then click the "Background Remover". Our tool will automatically detect the object and remove the background from the picture.
  • After the background has been removed, click the "Change Background" button on the upper.
  • Select the color you want to add to the picture. Quickly change background color to white, red, blue, black, or any other color you like.
  • Once you've added the most befitting color, click on the “Download” button to save your image. There are PNG and JPG formats for you to choose from.
Change Background Color Now