5 Best Free Color Palette Generators Online for Everyone

Summary: This is a post to share the best color palette generators to boost your design, including Fotor, Adobe Color CC, Klart Colors, Color Claim, and HTML Color Codes.

best color palette generators with a colorful background

An excellent design work cannot be achieved without a coordinated color combination. Different colors express different meanings, and even the same color, with different brightness and purity, gives different visual effects.

Therefore, professional designers are creating perfect design works through different but proper colors. Nowadays, digital works are popular, and almost every design software has its own default color palette.

But these colors are not always what you need for a desgin, so it is important for a designer to have his own color palette generator. Below we will recommend best free and useful color palette generators.

What is a Color Palette Generator?

a warm color palette with 10 example colors

Color palette generator is an online color matching tool powered by AI. With a color palette generator, you can aquire the color you want. Also you can save the colors you want to the color palette generator so that you can use them directly next time. What's more, you can generate other related colors based on certain colors.

At the same time, the color palette generator can help you solve your color matching problems. If you search for the color you want, it will bring up the related colors matching for that series, which means you can aquire some wonderful color combinations on the color wheel.

Best Color Palette Generators

A designer can make good works because he has the ability to control and manage colors combinations and layouts, as well as the ability to handle the details of images and text.

However, all these are related to how many design resources the designer has on hand. The design resources mentioned here usually include images resources and some handy tools for design, and below we will share a few free online color generators.

Fotor: All-in-one Color Palette Generator

Fotor web tool


Powerful AI-driven editing tools like background remover, AI enlarger, object remover, one-tab skin retouch, AI art effects, etc.

Over 100,000+ ready-to-use templates and creative content for graphic design and photo collages.

Millions of HD stock photos for personal and commercial use.

Try Fotor's Online Color Palette Now

As an all-in-one online photo editor, Fotor offers you the handy color palette generator which means you can check and get the color you want with the color hex code.

Moreover, it's easy to get the color code from image with Fotor's color palette gengrator. Just move the color picker to the color and click it you can get the color code and apply it to your new designs.

Besides, Fotor's color palette generator allows you to save the colors that you search for by clicking on the pentagram. By doing this, you have your own color palette, which is helpful for you to apply.

fotor's color palette generator and an example


  1. Easy to operate
  2. User-friendly color picker
  3. Abundant color schemes


  1. Photo size limited (<20MB)

Adobe Color CC: Online Color Palette Creator for Adobe Users

color palette generator page of adode color cc

It is an online color palette maker and color scheme generator of Adobe, which brings together a very large number of color schemes. In the explore menu, there are various categories to easily retrieve the color schemes. You can search for the color you want and the related colors of the series will appear in adobe color wheel.

Also it can generate colors by uploading the images. You can log in to your Adobe account to store the generated colors. If you have Adobe Capture CC on your phone, you can also use the phone camera as the adobe color picker to get the colors that you want directly.


  1. Various color schemes
  2. Get the color in the images directly
  3. Trending colors provided


  1. Complex to operate

Klart Colors: Free Color Schemes Maker

color palette generator homepage of Klart Colors

This is a color palette generator from Klart, and it is very easy to use. Just open the site and you will see a myriad of color palettes, press the blank on the keyboard and it will automatically reorganize and load new colors. You can also use the mouse to scroll down to get more colors

If you see a color that you like, click on the color to copy the color code. In this way, you can use the color anywhere else you want. What's more, it is also a nice color theme generator and it provides good color combinations for you


  1. Data-driven collection of color palettes
  2. Examples of color schemes
  3. Bunks of colors provided


  1. Only color codes provided

Color Claim: Online Color Matcher

color palette generator homepage of Color Claim

If you think your aesthetic and color matching skills are not as good as you want them to be, or even if you get a good-looking color match, you don't know how to apply it to your design properly. Don't worry, Color Claim can help you.

Color Claim is a designer's own color matching website, where every color is available directly to you. It works as the website color matcher or the color palette selector for you to get gorgeous color combinatiosn. The colors are carefully selected by the site's designers and you will always find the color you are looking for here.


  1. Various good color combinations provided
  2. A color card displayed
  3. Creative cloud palette


  1. Hard to get access to it

HTML Color Codes: Website Color Generator

html color chart page of HTML Color Codes

HTML Color Codes is also a powerful color palette creator. As a professional website color generator, it sets compreshensive parts for you, including color names, color picker, color chart and color libraray.

First you need to click on the selected area and mark the color you want. Alternatively, you can search for a color of a certain shade in the area below the color swatch. You can then use the color picker to get different color combinations in its color combination gegerator.


  1. Abundant colors
  2. Color name, card and library provided
  3. Detailed tutorials
  4. Easy to download the color that you pick


  1. No personal color homepage
  2. Annoying ads.


In this blog, we share about the importance of choosing the right colors correctly for a designer. A professional designer needs to have a wealth of design resources. We have shared several very useful and convenient online color palette generators for this section, including Fotor, Adobe Color CC, Klart Colors, Color Claim, and HTML Color Codes.