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A free online image color picker that automatically identifies and extracts the color codes from any image you upload.

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Use Fotor's color picker to get HEX color code from an landscape image

Find Color Code From Image With Ease

With Fotor's color picker from image, you can pick the exact color from any visual content in seconds! Upload your image, and click on the color you want to grab. Fotor will instantly find and provide you with its HEX color code. You can also zoom in on the image to make your color selections more accurate. Furthermore, Fotor lets you adjust the hue and saturation of the color. Try Fotor's image color picker now- it’s entirely free!

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Create a design using the color palette from an art work

Generate a Color Palette From Your Favorite Picture to Create a Design

Inspired by a picture and want to create a design with similar colors? Creating a design using your favorite images' color schemes is easier than ever. Fotor's color picker lets you get HEX color codes from images and save them as color palettes for later use. Moreover, Fotor is not just a color picker, but a design tool with a wide selection of customizable design templates. You can easily create a design like a pro with them!

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