Ultimate Guide on Neon Colors: Type & Ideas & Palettes

Summary: This is a comprehensive guide on neon colors, containing the definition, types, ideas and palettes of neon colors. How to create neon color designs is also covered.

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to neon colors! Neon colors are highly saturated hues that look very bright and intense. They are known for being eye-catching and vibrant, which is why they are popular in various fields such as fashion, graphic design and advertising.

In this comprehensive chapter, we'll dive into everything you need to know about neon colors, including their definitions, different types, and how to create stunning designs using these vibrant hues. Get ready to dive into this comprehensive guide as we unveil the magic behind neon colors!

What Are Neon Colors?

Neon colors are very bright and vibrant and appear to be highly saturated and luminous. They are often referred to as "neon" because they resemble the bright glowing colors commonly found in neon signs. Neon colors are notable for their intense nature and high visibility. These colors are commonly used in fashion, graphic design, advertising, and a variety of other visual arts to create an eye-catching, vibrant effect.

These colors are often made using fluorescent pigments or dyes that absorb ultraviolet (UV) light and emit it at a lower energy level, resulting in a bright, glowing effect. In a variety of applications, neon colors are often used to attract attention or create a sense of excitement and energy, making them popular in modern design and aesthetics.

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Types of Neon Colors

  1. Neon Pink: A very bright, vivid pink color with a fluorescent effect.
  2. Neon Green: An intense green color reminiscent of the glow of neon lights. 3. Neon Orange: A highly saturated color.
  3. Neon Orange: A highly saturated, vibrant orange color. 4.
  4. neon yellow: A bright, glowing yellow color that is impossible to miss.
  5. neon blue: A brilliant, intense blue color that seems to glow. 6. neon purple A striking, bright blue color.
  6. neon purple: An eye-catching, fluorescent purple.
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Neon Color Design Ideas

Neon color are popular in young ages and used as a fashion trendy. Here are five neon color scheme ideas that you can use in a variety of projects:

Neon Party Invitations

Design a lively and fun party invitation in neon colors. Use neon pink, neon green and neon orange as the main colors. Use a bold, playful font with white or black outlines to liven up the text. Add neon confetti and party elements for a festive touch.

Neon Retro Poster

Design a retro style poster with neon colors. Use neon yellow, neon green and neon pink to create a vibrant color scheme. Center a vintage-style illustration or photo and overlay neon text to make it stand out. Experiment with blinking effects for a modern look.

Neon Fashion Ads

Design a fashion ad that catches the eye with neon colors. Use neon orange, neon blue and neon purple as the main colors. Showcase the latest clothing line on a neon background with a neon brand logo. Incorporate neon stripes to add a dynamic element.

Neon Music Album Cover

Design an enchanting album cover for a music artist using neon colors. Combine neon pink, neon purple and neon blue for a fantastic vibrant atmosphere. Incorporate neon music elements such as headphones, speakers or musical notes. Use neon fonts for the artist's name and album title to make it stand out.

Neon Food Menu

Create an eye-catching food menu for a restaurant or cafe in neon colors. Use neon orange, neon green and neon yellow to evoke appetite and excitement. Add neon illustrations of popular dishes or ingredients to make them visually appealing. Utilize neon call-to-action buttons to highlight daily specials or promotions.

When using neon colors, consider the context of the design and the target audience. Neon colors are very effective at grabbing attention and conveying vibrancy, but they should be used thoughtfully to create a visually harmonious and engaging design.

Neon Color Palette

Neon colors are energetic and futuristic for a variety of design projects, including graphic design, web design, illustration and more. However, be careful and balanced when using these neon palettes, as their vibrancy can quickly become overwhelming if overused. Here are five visually appealing neon color palettes for you to consider in your design:

Neon Sunrise

  • Neon Pink (#FF6AC9)
  • Neon Orange (#FFA500)
  • Neon Yellow (#FFFF00)
  • Neon Green (#39FF14)
  • Neon Blue (#00FFFF)

Neon Fantasy

  • Neon Aqua (#00FFFF)
  • Neon Lavender (#E68AFF)
  • Neon Tartar Green (#DFFF00)
  • Neon Coral Pink (#FF6A97)
  • Neon Turquoise (#40E0D0)

Neon Technology Pop

  • Neon Electric Purple (#8A2BE2)
  • Neon Lime Green (#32CD32)
  • Neon Fuchsia (#FF00FF)
  • Neon Electric Blue (#00FFFF)
  • Neon Lemon (#FDFF00)
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How to Make Neon Color Design?

Since we have introduced everything you need to know about neon colors, why not try to make neon color design for practice or for fun based on the knowledge in the front. For novice or beginner, we recommend the Fotor to help you to create neon colors design.

Neon color design template promotion

Powerful AI-driven design tools like logo maker, flyer maker, poster maker etc.

Various AI tools for neon color design, covering different needs and occasions.

Try Neon Colors Design

Fotor has massive neon color templates for you to choose from. They are all created by professional designers and you can easily create your unique neon color design by adjusting the preset templates. All parts of the neon color templates are editable, and you can freely add some stickers, or neon photos to suit your taste.

Fotor also provides an online AI image generator for you to generate neon color image by words. You can get infinite neon color images by putting your imagination to the text generate box. Try and explore more about neon color design in Fotor!

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to make neon color design with Fotor:

  1. Open Fotor designer page, click the templates on the left toolbar.
  2. Put the “neon” keywords into the templates search box, and you can see a lots of neon color templates on the left.
  3. Browse and choose one neon template you like to canvas, make some adjustment to suit your taste.
  4. Preview and save your neon color design by clicking “Download” button and remember to choose the file format you want.


Whether you're a designer looking for inspiration or simply curious about these electrifying hues, this section is your ultimate resource for mastering the art of neon color.

In this post, we have introduced everything you need to know about neon colors, containing what is neon colors, the types of neon colors, neon color palettes and neon colors design ideas. We have also shared how to make neon color design for you to unleash your creativity about neon colors.