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Recolor images entirely or partially to bring a brand-new look to your images with the color changer from Fotor. Our image colorizer is easy for everyone to create something new and creative!

Recolor orange image color to pink in fotor recolor image tool

Recolor Pictures Easily and Professionally

A red car on the ground
A pink car on the ground
A kid in yellow outfit holding a banana
A kid in green outfit holding a banana
Coco cola in red package
Coco cola in orange package
A red car on the ground
A kid in yellow outfit holding a banana
Coco cola in red package

Fotor’s color replacement tool offers you quick access and advanced color changer tools to recolor image and transform colors in your pictures professionally. Just upload your images to our photo color changer, and you can apply the wanted color to your picture or certain part of it. It only takes a few seconds for you to recolor image online with Fotor. Click the button to start image colorization!

Use fotor image recolor tool to recolor light color car in the old photo to the barbie pink

Make Images Vibrant with Color Changer

Color attracts viewers at the very first glance, so recolor images to give the photo a new feeling. Fotor’s color replacer allows you to replace the original color in your images. For some old photos, you can use our image recolor tool to add extra vibrance to them quickly. Within a few clicks, you can make your old images come alive with the color changer online!

Recolor an Image Now
A photo collage of a single bag product photography in three different colors

Color Swap for Product Photography

With the recolor image tool, you don’t have to shoot again for the products in different colors, which saves time and budget. Just upload your product photography, and you can change image color to the different ones to create product collages for your e-commerce platforms. Start to color swap to enjoy various colors in a single photo in Fotor now!

Recolor an Image Now
Use ai color changer to ask ai to recolor orange color with pink in fotor

Use AI Replacer to Recolor PNG

Amazingly, Fotor provides you with its new AI replacer to help recolor images. Upload your images to our AI changer, and select the image area that you want to change color online with our AI color replacer. Enter the color you want for your images, and our AI color changer will automatically recolor PNG as expected. The whole process takes seconds to recolor image. Try our new AI changer to replace color of images right now!

Recolor an Image Now
Recolor orange product image in fotor color changer

How to Recolor an Image with AI

  • Click the " Recolor an Image Now " button below to switch to our image recolor tool.
  • Drag and drop your own images to the editing area or click "Open image" to upload it.
  • Click "HSL" and pick the color that you want.
  • Then adjust Hue, Saturation, and Lightness as needed to get your image color recolored.
  • After you recolor image online, click "Download" to save your picture.
Recolor an Image Now