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Change PNG color with Fotor's PNG color changer easily to refresh your images with a brand new look!

Change female png color in Fotor online color changer
Change the Corgi puppy color and a color box

Free PNG Background Color Editor 

Fotor allows you to replace PNG background color within seconds. There are just several steps to change color of image after you upload your PNG files to our background color editor.

Fotor's powerful AI color-changing tool will process your image into a transparent PNG. Then you are free to pick up any color from the right color dashboard to change the PNG background color.

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Change png color for ID photo use

ID Photo Color Changer

You may shoot an ID photo for a purpose when you find it does not conform to the requirement. Luckily, Fotor's photo color replacer is here to make your ID photos fit the bill. After uploading your photos, you are allowed to change the background of your ID photo in one click. Similarly, driver's license photos, passports, and visa photos are available at your fingertips. If you choose Fotor's picture color editor, you can easily recolor the image.

Change PNG Color Now
Change png logo color and a color box

Change Logo Color to Fit Your Brands Need

Many of us think it's a hassle to change color of logo. Actually, it's not if you recolor the logo. Fotor's color changer is a fantastic option. In addition to the background color of the logo, the color can be changed in any appropriate position with our photo color editor.

Change PNG Color Now
Change female png color and lots of color options

Recolor PNG as You Like

Given that everyone's requirements for color are different, Fotor's picture color editor gives you endless color options. In addition to the standard default colors, Fotor offers a color palette directly to give you the freedom to change PNG color online to the color you want. Besides solid color backgrounds, you are allowed to use the gradient color backgrounds we provide for free or upload your colors directly to recolor PNG.

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Change png color on Fotor mobile app

Portable Color Replacer App for iOS & Android

Fotor allows you to do PNG color replacement online anytime and anywhere. Now Fotor's color replacer app is available for free. You can download the Fotor app to change color of a PNG on any portable device you have.

Change PNG Color Now

How to Change PNG Color?

  • Click on the "Change PNG Color Now" button to start your color replacement operation. 
  • Upload the PNG you want to change the color of.
  • Click the "Background Remover"tool, and select "Common Cutout" or "Portrait Cutout" as needed.
  • Wait for Fotor's tool to make your PNG background transparent. You can also deal with the details of the color change area by using the Erase and Retain tools we provide.
  • Choose the color you want from the default color menu bar on the right. Or enter the color code in the color palette to find the color you want.
  • Download the PNG with your color changed.
Change PNG Color Now