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Free PNG Maker: Create PNG Images Online

Fotor’s PNG maker lets you make PNG transparent, convert JPG to PNG, improve PNG quality and more within just seconds.

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Convert image to PNG with Fotor PNG creator

Convert Image to Transparent PNG Effortlessly

Fotor’s PNG creator makes it super easy to convert images into transparent PNGs. Just upload your image to Fotor, and Fotor will remove the image background and convert it into a transparent PNG in a matter of seconds. Almost all types of images can be handled by Fotor- portraits, pets, cars, real estate, logos, text, and more. You don't need to spend time manually creating clipping paths in Photoshop to get the work done anymore!

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Make PNG transparent with Fotor easily

Make PNG Transparent In An Instant

Want to remove white backgrounds from your PNG pictures? The transparent PNG converter from Fotor will help you just do that. Using artificial intelligence, it identifies the objects in your PNG picture and cuts them out with laser precision. You can expect an accurate and clean result whenever you make PNG background transparent with Fotor.

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Convert JPG to PNG with Fotor

Convert JPG to PNG with Ease

PNG has many advantages over JPG. It offers a better output quality and a transparent background, so editing is more flexible. Fotor makes it easy to convert JPG to PNG online. Whether you need to convert JPG to PNG transparent or want to convert JPG images to PNG formats, Fotor's PNG maker can help you accomplish your goals.

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Crop and resize PNG without losing quality

Crop and Resize PNG Without Losing Quality

Looking for a fast way to reformat your PNG images for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms? Fotor’s PNG generator has got you covered. With just a few clicks, you can easily resize PNG images to any size you need. Plus, it maintains the original quality of your PNG images and preserves all the transparency. Additionally, Fotor lets you batch crop PNG images.

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Improve PNG quality and resolution with Fotor

Improve PNG Quality and Resolution in a Single Click

Fotor’s PNG maker offers you an AI image enhancer tool that you can use to improve the quality of your PNG images online. It will automatically analyze and enhance every pixel in your PNG images. Give it a try. You’ll get a high-resolution PNG that has more details and vibrant colors in no time.

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What Can You Do with Fotor’s PNG Maker?

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How to Make a PNG?

  • Fotor’s online PNG maker offers an easy and fast way to generate PNG files. First, click the button "Make PNG Now" to get started, and upload your picture.
  • Then find the Background Remover tool at the left tool menu and click it. You can choose Common Cutout or Portrait Cutout as needed.
  • Fotor will automatically convert your image into a transparent PNG within seconds. No manual editing are needed at all!
  • Finally, click on the download icon to download your transparent PNG picture in high quality.
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