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Make background transparent for free with Fotor's online transparent image maker. Instantly remove background from your image for free and edit the transparent PNG image now!

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Female smiling portrait with transparent background

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How to make an image clear with fotor

How to Make an Image Transparent Online?

  • Drag and drop or upload your image to our transparent image maker.
  • Our tool will automatically make image background transparent within a few seconds.
  • Save the transparent background image with the PNG file. After making an image transparent, you are free to change image color with Fotor's preset solid colors. Or you can customize your transparent background with your own images.
  • Use photo editing or image design tools to add text to PNG, overlay images, resize your image, and more as desired.
  • Make further edits if needed. Then download your transparent image in the PNG format.
Make Image Transparent Now
make a female image transparent in Fotor transparent image maker

Automatically Make Image Transparent with Precision

Fotor lets you get a transparent background image with the best quality. Never worry about hair, fur, or any detail, as our transparent photo maker is powered by advanced AI technology. You can experience the precise and high-quality process of getting a transparent background.

Upload a picture and the AI transparent image generator will automatically make an image background transparent. You can also manually reset the subject to be kept, making parts of a photo transparent to your liking.

Make Transparent Background Now
Make lipstick image background transparent and change four different backgrounds for it

Go Further with Your Transparent Photo Background

After making the image transparent, you can even edit the background further to create stunning visuals in our transparent photo maker. From solid backgrounds to custom AI backgrounds, our in-built background changer covers them all.

In addition to background image changing, this transparent background image maker also supports background blur, protecting your privacy and reducing visual distraction for viewers. Take your transparent pictures to the next level with our transparent image creator right now!

Make Transparent Background Now
Edit transparent png with fotor

Do More with Our Photo Editing Capabilities

Need to remove BG for a bigger project? Unleash your creativity with endless photo editing capabilities. After creating an image with transparent background, use our built-in online photo editor to resize PNG, add text overlay to your image, enhance image quality, apply filters, adjust color grading, or crop your photo. There are countless solutions to create a compelling PNG image at your fingertips.

Make Transparent Background Now
Design transparent png with fotor

Create Impactful PNG Designs with Tons of Assets

Graphic designing has never been easier with Fotor. Access our all-in-one graphic designer directly when previewing the transparent background effect. Dive into various templates such as LinkedIn background, Facebook cover, presentation, mobile wallpaper, and more.

Choose a template that aligns with your needs and blend your image into any design with lines, shapes, icons, photos, and versatile elements at your disposal. With our graphic design suite, take it easy to create captivating visual effects.

Make Transparent Background Now

Make Image Transparent for Any Purpose

E-commerceSocial MediaIndividual Use
make logo tranpsrent with Fotor transparent image maker

Make Background Transparent to Boost Sales

Buyers and sellers on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify often need a clear background maker to edit product images. Luckily, making photo transparent is available with Fotor's transparent image maker.

In addition, PNGs with transparent background are more welcomed and practical compared with white background ones. Our transparent logo PNG maker allows you to sport PNG anywhere, such as brand websites, product pictures, and digital business cards. Try Fotor's free transparent image maker to remove background for e-commerce and boost your sales now!

Make an image clear for social media

Make an Image Clear for Social Media

Effortlessly create a transparent background and customize a new background for images with our online transparent image converter. Insert stunning social media graphics to your posts, stories, and blogs to captivate more audience.

Whether to make background transparent for social media marketing or website pasting, you will find it easy to handle with our online transparent picture maker and photo design tool.

Make a picture clear for personal use

Create PNG with an Erased Backdrop for Individuals

Need to create unique profile pictures or avatars for personal use like processing passport photos and making interview profiles? Try our online BG remover to make your picture transparent with ease. Upload a picture, wait for the AI or manual removal, make further edits if needed, download the transparent PNG image, and remove background for individuals in several clicks!

Create a blank or invisible background for images without distracting background elements now!

Why Choose Fotor Transparent Background Maker?

Fast processing icon

Fast Processing

No professional steps or complex layout. Upload your material and get a cutout image in a few taps.

Ai assisted icon

Automatic AI

Fotor’s AI-based transparent background image maker ensures easy and automatic image processing.

Free exports icon

Free Exports

Get background-free images without costing a penny! Erase the backdrop, edit the cutout image, and download it for free.

Online platform icon

Online BG Remover

No software downloading. Access this free and online transparent image creator on any device without obstacles!

Editing tools icon

Editing Tools

After erasing the picture background, enhance the visual appeal with a vast of online editing and designing tools for free!

Batch editor icon

Batch Editor

Save time converting and editing PNG images with our bulk image background remover. Create images with a see-through backdrop with ease.

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