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Online Transparent Image Maker

Make background transparent free with Fotor's online transparent image maker. Instant to unleash your creativity with your transparent background now!

make a female image background transparent with Fotor transparent image maker
make a female image transparent in Fotor transparent image maker

Get a Transparent Background in A Snap

Fotor's free transparent image maker instantly lets you get a transparent background image. Just open your pictures, Fotor's photo background remover will automatically sketch and remove bg in a snap. Besides, you are free to change color of image to the solid colors or change image background with your own pictures with Fotor's transparent background converter.

Make Transparent Background Now
make logo tranpsrent with Fotor transparent image maker

Make Logo Transparent to Boost Sales

Making logo transparent is available with Fotor's transparent image maker. Logo pngs with transparent background are more welcomed and practical compared with white background ones. A transparent logo png allows you to sport it anywhere, such as your brand website, product pictures, and digital business cards. Try Fotor's free transparent image maker to boost your sales now!

Make Transparent Background Now
convert a female JPG to transparent PNG with Fotor transparent image maker

Convert JPG to Transparent PNG Effortlessly

PNG files are more widely used compared with JPG files. Transparent PNG format features lossless image quality and it works well with the details. You are free to convert your JPG file to transparent PNG to create more design possibilities with Fotor's free transparent image maker!

Make Transparent Background Now
Make a female image transparent with Fotor transparent image maker app

Best Transparent Image Maker App for IOS & Android

Making transparent background is also available on mobile phones now. With Fotor's best transparent image maker app, you are allowed to remove image background anywhere and anytime. Just download the transparent background maker app, and upload the image that you want to erase background, Fotor's background eraser will work automatically.

Make Transparent Background Now
Make a female image transparent with Fotor online transparent image maker

How to Make an Image Transparent

  • Click on "Make Transparent Background Now" button to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop the images that you want to make background transparent.
  • Choose the "Background Remover" tool in "Adjust" on the left dashboard. And choose "Common Cutout" or "Portrait Cutout" as needed. Fotor's bg remover will detect and remove the subject from the image background automatically.
  • Save the transparent background image with the PNG file. After making an image transparent, you are free to change image color with Fotor's preset solid colors. Or you can customize your transparent background with your own images.
  • Download your images with PNG format.
Make Transparent Background Now

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