Bulk Image Background Remover

Use Fotor’s bulk image background remover to remove backgrounds from images in batches. Free to cut out photo backgrounds of multiple images in one click to save your time!

The before and after effect of several different images in Fotors bulk image background remover

Batch Image Background Remover for Any Purpose

Use the bulk image background remover to remove product image backgrounds in batches to boost ecommerce

For E-commerce Use

To boost your e-commerce, you may need product photos with transparent backgrounds or white backgrounds. To save your time and lower the cost of removing product image backgrounds, Fotor’s bulk image background remover allows you to batch-create product images with the best visual effects.

Use Fotors bulk image background remover to remove female image backgrounds for personal use

For Personal Use

From selfies to pet images, you can perfect all the snapshots with unwanted backgrounds at one time by removing and changing the image background. You will be covered in Fotor’s online batch background remover to create stunning images for social media.

Remove three brand content ID photo backgrounds and change color to yellow in batches with Fotors online bulk image backgroud remover

For Employer Branded Content

To make your team photos look great on the website, why not change the image background color to the same one? Just upload all your team photos into Fotor’s bulk background remover, and you can make transparent background and replace the image background with your brand color in seconds.

Remove car image backgrounds and add creative backgrounds in bulk with Fotor batch background remover

For Car Photos

To boost car sales, there is a need to perfect your car photos with amazing backgrounds. To make things easier, you can get different image backgrounds in batches within Fotor’s online bulk image background remover. Fotor’s background eraser will automatically make the car image background transparent and you can change the car photo background into eye-catching ones in seconds. You can also use Fotor's car photo editor to further edit your vehicle photos to perfection- improve image quality, fix lighting, change image backgrounds, remove unwanted objects, and much more.

Remove the real estate images backgrounds in bulk and change background to stunning ones in Fotor bulk background remover

For Real Estates

Similarly, you can use Fotor’s batch background remover to make transparent images for your real estate photos. Changing your real estate image background and having more sales is easy. Fotor offers an incredible solution for all your real estate photo editing needs.

Remove icon backgrounds in bulk with Fotor batch image background remover

For Logos

If you are dealing with the bunks of logo backgrounds, you can’t miss Fotor’s batch image background remover. It’s easy and free to remove background from logo and change the background color that suits your needs with Fotor.

Remove backgrounds from images in bulk automatically in Fotor online batch image background remover

Remove Background in Batch to Speed Up Workflow

You don’t have to remove photo backgrounds one by one when facing piles of images. No matter how many images you have to erase the background, Fotor’s bulk image background remover, you can delete photo backgrounds in batches in one click.

Just upload all your images to our background remover, and Fotor’s AI background eraser will remove the background from images automatically and quickly. With a few seconds, you can set free from repetitive image cutout work and process the images with transparent backgrounds into desired ones.

Remove Backgrounds Now
Remove female image backgrounds in PNG and JPG formats in batches in Fotor online bulk image background remover

Easy to Handle with Any Image Format

You won’t be limited by the image format when removing backgrounds online with Fotor’s bulk image background remover. It’s easy to remove PNG backgrounds and remove backgrounds from JPG. Similarly, you can turn all your images into transparent PNGs in seconds.

Remove Backgrounds Now
Use Fotors bulk image background remover to remove several image backgrounds in batches

How to Remove Image Background in Batches?

  • Click the “Remove Backgrounds Now” Button to get started.
  • Upload or drag and drop all the images that you want to remove background in Fotor’s online bulk background remover.
  • Wait a few seconds, Fotor’s AI background eraser will cut out backgrounds and make images transparent in batches.
  • You can replace the background with your own images or change background color by choosing from the color palette.
  • When you have finished your batch background removal, you can save all your images with transparent backgrounds in any image format you want.
Remove Backgrounds Now