AI Image Extender

Let our AI image extender explore the infinite possibilities behind your images. Use AI to generate amazing elements from text and expand images now!

Use fotor ai image extender to expand a female image background
Brush over a grassland image and use fotor ai image extender to generate a hotair balloon for the selected part

AI Inpainting: Have Fun with Uploaded Images

Use Fotor AI magic tool to brush over the part of images, where you have great ideas for image recreation. Then tell our AI photo extender wanted AI-generated elements you would like to see. Wait a few seconds, and our AI completes the brushed part with what you ask AI to draw.

Extend Image with AI
Use fotor ai image extender to expand a female in the field of tulip image background automatically

AI Outpainting: Explore Magic Unfinity of Images

Making never-ending pictures is possible with our AI background extender. Expand photo background with your imagination and you will have AI to expand images in a few seconds. Enter the descriptions for AI-generated backgrounds you want in the text bubble to let AI expand images for you as needed!

Extend Image with AI