Expand Beyond Image Border with AI Image Extender

Let our AI image extender explore the infinite possibilities beyond your images. Use AI to generate amazing elements and autofill images now!

How to Extend Image with AI

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Step1: Upload 

Upload an image to our AI photo extender.

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Step2: AI Extends

Fotor's AI image expander will automatically extend backgrounds and show you three results.

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Step3: Download

Apply and save your AI-extended image once you are satisfied.

extend female in orange suit standing in the tulip bushes using AI expander

AI Outpainting: Explore Magic Unfinity of Images

Making infinite images is possible with our easy-to-use AI background extender. Just unleash your creativity to expand an image, and let Fotor's AI picture extender do the rest. Upload the photo you want to expand, with just one click, our AI image expander will automatically extend your image with generative details beyond your borders. Utilize AI to expand images as needed now!

Extend Image with AI
Adjust the size of the image and canvas in fotors ai image expander

Go Playful with AI Image Expander as You Wish

Our AI image extender puts you in full control and offers an unprecedented photo expanding experience. Customize everything, from adjusting the image size to positioning the canvas and your original images. You can switch effortlessly from horizontal to vertical snaps or transform square shots into rectangles by adjusting the aspect ratio to resize. Use an AI image extender to explore creative possibilities by repositioning your photo on the canvas to get different yet seamlessly breathtaking results.

Extend Image with AI
Extend female wearing a bag image using fotor ai picture expander

AI Extends and Autofills Missing Details Beyond the Border

Enhance your image details by expanding the image with generative AI. Fotor's AI photo expander fixes your unperfect snaps, uncrops the image frame, and infuses your visual with surprising details while preserving contextual elements. Whether it's a selfie or the landscape, let AI autofill the image, enrich it with a splendid hyper-realistic effect, and deliver visually stunning content!

Extend Image with AI
Travel graphic design extended in three different sizes using fotor ai image extender

Expand Image to Create Stunning Visual Projects

Reimagine your design projects with the power of our AI-powered image extender. Upload your image, and let our AI complete it with AI-generated scenes and elements to surprise your audience based on your image context. Whether you want to expand photo background for a poster, flyer, or any other graphic design project of various sizes, you can expect astonishing results in our AI photo extender. Leverage AI to extend and elevate your creative vision today with Fotor!

Extend Image with AI

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