AI Replace: Explore Infinity of Images

AI replace from Fotor brings infinite possibilities to your photos. Let AI image swap and AI inpainting make your images joyful and artful in seconds!

Use fotor ai replace tool to replace the female hat
Use fotor ai replace tool to replace the tree in the snows with a red house

AI Replace Images Faster and Easier

Want to be more creative with your photos? Fotor’s AI replace tool is here to make it possible. Upload your image, and our AI recognizer will detect and divide it into various parts automatically. Thus, you can easily swap photo parts for desired ones by entering the prompts to replace images with the AI image inpainting tool in seconds. With creative ideas entered into the Fotor free AI image generator, your images will be unique and artistic like never before!

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Swap male face with the 3d cartoon face in the fotor ai replace tool

AI Face Replace/AI Face Swap

Here with Fotor AI replace tool, face swap online is within your reach. After selecting the face part of your uploaded portraits, our AI face replacer will work according to your entered prompts. Our AI face replacement tool offers you access to having fun with your friends. Surprisingly, you can even ask our AI face swap tool to replace faces with cartoon or anime styles!

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Replace listick background with the pink outdoor background with fotor ai background replacer

AI Background Replace

With our AI background replacer, you have the initiative to ask AI to replace your image background. You can replace it with a realistic photo background or a professional photo background, depending on your image usage. Just use the AI replace tool to select the background area and enter the prompt, and our AI will replace it for you automatically. The whole background replacement process takes a few seconds to get a customized image background. Click the button to use the background replacer now!

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brush over the sky and replace with sunny cloudy sky using AI replacer

AI Sky Replace

Fotor offers you an amazing AI tool to replace the unwanted sky with your dream one without being restricted by the pre-set options. With our AI replace tool, you can easily replace sky that shades your images. Still, the AI replacement makes sure you have a photorealistic image!

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Use fotor ai replace to swap icecream with the blurred moving cloud

Use AI Replace for Fun

There are lots of playful possibilities in your images. Fotor’s AI replacer makes your images accessible to it as long as you have endless creative swap picture ideas. You can replace the ice cream with clouds, forests, and much more in our AI replace tool. With these joyful AI-replaced images, you can get more likes and fans for your social media channels!

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